Winter Programme

Our full-time (25 hours a week) Winter Programme combines language learning with culture studies and is ideal for students who want to improve their English quickly.


Winter Programme:           23 September – 21st December 2019 (13 weeks)  £5500

Winter Programme Plus:  23 September –   9th February 2020 (20 weeks)  £8320





Course Details

Intensive, 25 hours per week

Age: 15+

Morning (9-12:30): General English or Exam Preparation

Afternoon (13:30 – 15:45): Topic based (Art of Beauty, Business, Philosophy, Charity, Drama, History of Oxford and the UK)

English level: A2 (or higher)

Class size: Max. 12 students (average 6-9)

Accommodation: Homestay (Private single room)

Meals: Half board (breakfast, dinner)

Online Study: 3 months continual lessons after the completion of the course*

Activities, Excursions: Oxford sightseeing, college visits, punting, cream tea, etc (not included)

Airport transfer: Included

  • You will have homework most nights and you will have a test at the end of each week so you can monitor your progress.
  • All course materials are provided.
  • You will receive a certificate at the end of your course stating your level according to the Common European Framework.

*subject to availability


Course description


Language lessonsGeneral  English (EFL)


In the first two hours of the morning we follow a course book. The course book is designed to:

  • Increase confidence in communicating in English
  • Reinforce and expand on the lessons you attend in your country (grammar, vocabulary, listening…)
  • Spend time on improving specific writing techniques
  • Engage in role-plays to simulate real life experiences (asking for help, making enquiries, clarifying information…)
  • Learn how to express your opinion
  • Provide tools for self-study and self-correction (make the learner more independent)
Language lessons

Academic Skills


The academic skills lessons practises your language skills and is aimed at students in higher education.

This course

  • Features thought-provoking topics relevant to students in higher education
  • Develops skills required for academic study, including note-taking, essay-writing, and giving presentations
  • Includes strategies for undertaking research and dealing with unfamiliar vocabulary
  • Provides tips for self-study
Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL)13:30–15:45 CIE’s aims quote Marcel Proust; “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking out new places but in having new eyes”. We take this into account when preparing afternoon lessons in which you will do topic-based learning. We have designed, tried and tested these materials and believe they now offer both the student and the teacher an enjoyable, academic look at a variety of topics ranging from Art and Architecture of Oxford to preparing a charity event.

In these lessons (usually based on 20 contact hours) you will:

    • Practice your speaking skills including debating and discussion techniques
    • Improve your research and presentation skills
    • Make cultural visits within Oxford, when appropriate (see appendix 3)
    • Broaden your knowledge of academic subjects
    • Broaden your knowledge and appreciation of your surroundings by studying Oxford’s unique Art and Architecture
    • Increase your confidence and apply what you have learnt in Drama classes
Topic based lessons & exam preparation in mixed classes

(for students on a five-month course)


These classes are aimed at improving students’ fluency and communicative skills through discussions and project work on a variety of interesting topics. Students prepare presentations, events and performances which they share with the rest of the school on Friday afternoons.

Mixed up with exam preparation (E.G. IELTS) to further improve their academic skills, the classes will provide opportunities to conduct surveys, write reports and deliver presentations.

Independent study As well as daily homework, you will be assigned some independent work. In the first three months you will be writing a coursework on the topic of your choice.

This will include:

  • Planning
  • Researching
  • Organising
  • Writing drafts
  • Meeting deadlines
  • Self-correcting
  • Giving feedback

You will also be encouraged to keep a diary.

If you are on a five-month course, you will be asked to produce a written report in English on your study abroad.

Optional lectures & talks Oxford has a number of events, lectures and talks offered to the public. The students will choose at least two events they attend during their 13 week stay (3 events for students on a 5-month course) depending on their personal interests.

More options available on,  or

Activities Every week there will be one or two activities organised by CIE, which you can choose to join. This is a great opportunity to explore more of Oxford and also to socialise with your classmates.  The course director can also organise some extracurricular activities upon request, for example photography or dance classes at a local adult learners college or local community centres.
Excursions Oxford is well situated for visiting many of the UK’s popular cities and tourist attractions such as London, Bath and Stonehenge, and Stratford-upon-Avon – Shakespeare’s Birthplace. If you would prefer to go further away and visit more of the UK, then we can also arrange trips to Wales and the beautiful Snowdonia National Park, Liverpool – the home of the Beatles, or Scotland’s capital city – Edinburgh.
Free time In your free time you will have plenty of opportunities to practise English with your host family, meet up with other students from CIE, go souvenir shopping and explore the city of Oxford.

*a full scheme of work for each level can be provided upon request


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Course Information

Course code


Start date

23 September 2019

Course Fee

13 weeks - £5500 20 weeks - £8320

Minimum Age



Pre-Intermediate – Advanced

Class size

8 people maximum

Number of hours per week

25 hours

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