Summer Senior Programme (15+)

Our Summer Senior Programme is designed to give you a fun, as well as educational experience while studying at one of Oxford University’s colleges. 

Hours per week
21 hours + 4 hours of activities or private lessons (“morning only” course available)



Elementary – Advanced (Beginners on Request)


Start dates

Every Monday (5 JULY – 23 AUGUST 2021)


Class size

12 people maximum



15 +



Course  £410 per week / Course and Homestay £630 per week


About our Summer Senior Programme

Lesson 1 & 29.00 - 11.05General English
Lesson 311.15 - 12.15Practical English
Lunch Time12.15 - 13.30Dining Hall
Lesson 4 & 513.30 - 15.45Topical English or Activities

General English

For the first 2 hours we work with a course book. This will help you to improve you 4 main skills: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. In addition, you will also study grammar and vocabulary.


Practical English

The third hour focuses on practical English and study skills. It will help you use the English you have learnt. (For example, going to the restaurant, colloquial English, interrupting a conversation, etc.)

Topical English (Mon, Tue, Thu)

Afternoon classes are topic-based. You will be able to use all your skills. Topics vary and can be selected by the students. The class may also include videos, project work, conversation, and so on. Students often work towards a small presentation at the end of the week.

Activities (Wed, Fri)

These could include:

  • Punting
  • Cream Tea
  • Harry Potter Tour
  • Museum
  • BBQ (every Friday)
  • And many more


We will provide you with a hot buffet lunch in the college dining hall. There is big selection of different hot meals every day. You can choose between a wide range of freshly prepared food. These include mains and sides, starters, desserts, salads, bread, hot and cold drinks, and fruit. It caters for vegetarians, as well as students wishing to eat halal. 

Alternative lunch*

Very rarely, once or twice a year, the dining hall is closed to us. In this case we provide you with an alternative lunch option, for example, pizza. 


Summer Senior Intensive Programme


If you wish to study full-time, you can opt for our Senior Intensive Programme.

It replaces activities with 4 private lessons a week. Choose this option if you want:

  • Further English practice specifically adapted to your needs
  • English for Specific Purposes (Business, Medicine, Law, conversation, etc.)
  • Examination preparation (IELTS, FCE, etc.)
  • GCSE or A level exams

Lessons only

You can also choose to do morning lessons only. 

If you are under 18, you are strongly advised to do a full-time programme. You must get written permission from a parent or guardian if you are under 18 choosing not to attend a full-time programme.

*Courses start every Monday, except on Bank Holidays. Check our opening times for more detailed information.

First day video


Why CIE - Summer English School Oxford


Senior Summer Programme

Review by students

Benefits of the Summer Senior Programme


  • Focus on conversation and practical English
  • Plenty of opportunity for you to practise speaking English
  • Personalised classes to suit your individual needs
  • All course material provided
  • Monitor your progress with revisions each week
  • End of course certificate (according to the Common European Framework)
  • Outdoor space to do sport and relax

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