Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Dear CIE students/ parents/ guardians/ agents,

We are happy to announce that we have planned a fun packed Summer School Programme 2021 which will offer a full educational and cultural experience for our international students. CIE Summer Courses for ages 12 to 14 and 15+ will be held at our main premises in the city centre, close to all Oxford’s attractions, cafes and shops. 


The information below sets out how we, as a school, plan to run our summer school whilst giving the highest priority to the health, safety and well-being of all in our school community. We have applied all relevant guidance taking into consideration the particular features of our setting and available resources. Our ambition is that all our students have the opportunity for a full educational and cultural experience in a safe environment.  
Following the guidance from the UK Government and English UK, the association of English language centres in the UK, this document outlines the measures we are going to introduce at CIE to manage the risk of infection to our staff, students and local community.
Information and communication
We will:
-Request pre-arrival health screening forms from visitors
-Provide detailed pre-arrival information and induction for staff and students which will include:
  • a guide to social distancing and hygiene expectations at CIE
  • a guide to social distancing and hygiene expectations in host family
  • information about social distancing and hygiene expectations in public places
  • information about symptoms and what to do in cases of suspected symptoms 
–Update information regularly
-Introduce risk assessments to staff and students
-Have open regular communication between school staff, students and their families, agents and host families
Social distancing and hygiene practices at CIE
We will:
-Perform risk assessments of every part of our provision

We will aim to complete enrolments and testing online where possible to avoid unnecessary handling of documents, cash and materials.

-Stagger timetabling (will introduce different starting and finishing time for each age group ‘bubble’)
-Offer an additional ‘common room’ for breaks when available
-Install 3 sanitising stations at school
-Have soap and hot water available in the bathroom and kitchen
-Promote ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’ approach
-Ask staff and students to maintain social distancing and rigorous personal hygiene
-Wear masks in the common areas and classrooms
-Display clear signposts, notices and directional arrows
-Install a sneeze guard at the reception
-Recommend that toilets are flushed with the lids down
-Regularly clean heavy use equipment and deep clean at the end of each day


Learning environments 
We will:
-Keep class size to the maximum of 8 students
-Keep 1 meter between students where possible

-Advise students and teachers to wear masks in classrooms

-Encourage classes outside and incorporate outdoor cultural activities into syllabus

Reduce the number of teachers/ activity leaders assigned to each class

 We will ask students to:

-Face in a single direction
-Use the same classroom for the duration of the day where possible
-Remain at the same desk throughout the lesson
-Use assigned course books only
-Not share pens and other stationery and equipment
-Clean keyboards after using CIE computers
-Be aware of what you or your possessions are touching


Welfare support 
We will:
-Monitor student and staff wellbeing
-Ask for medical information and consent
-Ask for contact details and emergency contacts
-Have access to healthcare provision
-Check staff and student temperature daily with consent
-Keep students and staff informed and offer support
-Deal with any suspected cases with urgency
-Use extra PPE when responding to a suspected or confirmed case of Covid-19
-Promote an environment where we all are responsible for taking care of ourselves and others around us


Managing and reporting symptoms
We will ask staff and students to:
-Maintain personal hygiene
-Stay at home if you feel unwell or display Covid-19 symptoms
-If you display symptoms while at CIE, you must: 
  • report to a member of staff
  • go to a separate well-ventilated room / area behind a closed door
  • avoid touching anything
  • use your own mobile phone to arrange a test (119 in England)
  • call 999 in emergency
  • avoid contact with others on your way out
  • self-isolate in line with Government guidelines  

-If you are a student under 18, a member of staff will supervise you

-If you experience symptoms after having left CIE, you must report immediately by calling CIE on 01865202238

-If a confirmed positive result of Covid-19 is reported to us, we will:

  •  make every effort to track and trace people and places you have been in close contact with
  •  seek advice from  Public Health England/ local public health protection team
  •  advise people who have been in close proximity to self isolate for 10 days 
  •  deep clean the premises.
Travelling to CIE safely
We will ask staff and students to:
-Follow the latest safer travel guidance on public transport and wear a face mask 
-Walk or cycle when possible 
School closure/ lock down
If there is a confirmed case of Covid-19 at your school, guidance will be taken from our local public health protection team. In case we need to temporarily close the school, we will continue with our tried and tested course, a combination of self study and online classes, which we were successfully delivering throughout the lock down from March to June 2020. You will be staying in host families who are able to accommodate students in these unusual circumstances and will support you throughout your stay

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