Summer Lessons Only

Our Summer Lessons Only course is available for Seniors and Juniors. Ideal for the whole family!

Hours per week
15 hours English



Elementary  – Advanced (Beginners on request)


Start dates

Every Monday (10 JULY – 4 AUGUST 2023)


Class size

14 people maximum Junior

10 people maximum Senior


Minimum Age

10 – Junior

15 – Senior

About Summer Lessons Only


Seniors (15+)

Lesson 1 & 29.00 - 11.05General English
Lesson 311.15 - 12.15Practical English
Lunch Break12.20 - 13.20Free Time
Afternoon13.20 - 16.00Free Time




10 - 12 year olds

Lesson 1 & 29.00 - 11.10Multi-Skills English
Lesson 311.20 - 12.20Drama
Lunch Break12.20 - 13.20Free Time
Afternoon13.20 - 16.00Free Time


13 - 14 year olds

Afternoon9.30 - 12.00Free Time
Lunch Break12.00 - 13.00Free Time
Lesson 1 & 213.00 - 15.15Multi-Skills English
Lesson 315.30 - 16.30Drama



General English

For the first 2 hours we work with a course book to enable you to improve the 4 main skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing as well as grammar and vocabulary. 


Practical English

The third hour focuses on practical English and study skills to help you use the English you have learnt. (E.g. going to the restaurant, colloquial English, interrupting a conversation, etc.)




Multi-skills English

Our multi-skills English lessons focus on the 4 main skills you need: speaking, listening, reading, and writing, as well as some grammar and vocabulary. In this lesson you will have plenty of opportunities to practise your English in a fun and exciting way. 



In the third hour you will be doing drama to build your confidence and develop fluency. This could be, for example, story telling, creating characters or preparing a small show in your class. This lesson will give you a lot of freedom to express yourself in English and be creative with what you have learnt. 



If you would like accommodation, we will arrange for you to stay with a British host family, having breakfast and your evening meal with them. During mealtimes, you can chat with your host family about your day and life in England. Our students often keep in touch with their host families long after the summer is over.


*Please note that all students under the age of 18 are strongly advised to attend a full-time programme (15 hours of lessons + activities). Any student under the age of 18 choosing not to attend a full-time programme must obtain written permission from the parents or guardians because CIE offer no alternative arrangements.


*Courses start every Monday, except on Bank Holidays. Check our opening times for more detailed information.


Senior - First day video


Why CIE - Summer Senior English School Oxford


Junior - First day video


Why CIE - Summer Junior English School


 Summer Programme

Benefits of the Summer Junior Programme


  • You study in a safe and fun environment
  • Drama classes to boost your confidence and creativity (Junior only)
  • Our specially selected teachers make learning English exciting
  • Make friends from all over the world
  • Small class size
  • All course material provided
  • End of course certificate

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