Intensive English Course

Our Intensive English Course offers you the chance to immerse yourself in the English language with 5 hours of lessons per day in the mornings and afternoons.

Our Intensive English Course has been carefully designed to immerse our students in
English Language studies while at the same time learning a great deal about Oxford and
a variety of academic topics. We aim to help you achieve your goals in a realistic way as
quickly as possible. Every day begins with an hour of functional English practise. Then
General English follows to achieve monitored improvements in listening, reading,
speaking and writing. Afternoon classes focus on a different specialised topic each
week. From History and Architecture to Technology and Sustainable Development Goals;
these are all delivered with Oxford in mind and as a context for your project work.

Hours per week



Elementary – Advanced (Beginners on Request)


Start dates

Every Monday*


Class size

9 people maximum


Minimum Age


More about this course

About Intensive English

Lesson 1 9.00 – 10.00Functional English
Lessons 2 & 310.15 -12.30General English
Lunch time12.30 – 13.30 
Lesson 4 & 513.30 – 15.45Topical English

Functional English 

Our Functional English lessons focus on practical skills you will use in everyday situations in an English-speaking environment. How do you ask for help in a shop or order politely in a restaurant? How do you express agreement or disagreement in a meeting or discussion? How do you make your point when writing?

General English

For the second 2 hours we work with a course book to enable you to improve the 4 main skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing as well as grammar and vocabulary.

Topical English

Afternoon classes are topic-based. You will be able to use all your skills. Topics vary and can be selected by the students. The class may also include videos, project work, conversation, and so on. Students often work towards a small presentation at the end of the week.

We offer two activities per week on Tuesdays and Thursdays. They start at 4 pm, and we welcome and encourage all students to join. 


Activities could include:

  • Board games
  • CIE Cinema
  • Afternoon Tea at CIE
  • Football
  • Museums
  • And many more


Paid activities could include:

  • Punting
  • Escape room
  • Harry Potter Tour
  • Crazy golf
  • Ice skating
  • And many more

*Courses start every Monday, except on Bank Holidays. Check our opening times for more detailed information.

CIE Video


Benefits of the Intensive English Course


  • Quick progress in short time
  • Personalised classes to suit your individual needs
  • Small class size
  • All course material provided
  • Monitor your progress with revision and a weekly test 
  • End of course certificate (according to the Common European Framework)
  • Free activities on offer every week

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