CLIL Online

With our online CLIL (Content and language integrated learning) courses you can study specialist subjects such as Business, Tourism and the Beauty of Oxford and improve your English all from the comfort of your own home.

* This course is currently only offered to groups.


Hours per week
10 hrs live lessons/week  +  10 hrs self-study



Pre-Intermediate –  Advanced


Class size

Max 12 per class


Technical requirements

A computer, tablet, laptop or smartphone.  Your device needs to have a camera, speaker and microphone.  Internet or WiFi access


More about this course

What is CLIL?

These unique courses enable learners to integrate their language learning with topics covering Culture and CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning). The courses encourage discussion about current affairs and social issues, making the English language learning more meaningful and exciting. The students will improve their language skills and expand their knowledge of the world around them.

Benefits of CLIL Online

Through a combination of live online classes and self-study students will: 

  • learn from expert teachers who will make learning about these topics accessible even at lower levels
  • study in small classes of up to 12 students enabling lots of opportunity to ask questions & share ideas 
  • build confidence in speaking through practising oral presentation skills
  • extend vocabulary on a variety of topics and learn useful expressions for real life situations
  • be encouraged to think critically and creatively and learn problem solving through cooperation and discussion
  • learn useful academic and life skills through self study and research
  • share ideas and  have further discussion on our online learning platform

CLIL courses:

Beauty of Oxford: The aim of this unique course is to introduce the beautiful city of Oxford through a historical journey of the city and its university, as well as enhancing knowledge of British culture and the British way of life.  You will learn from expert teachers about British & Oxford history and culture and be inspired by Oxford’s literary links including Harry Potter & Alice in Wonderland. You will also have an opportunity to participate in a live Q&A session with Oxford university students to find out what it is like to be a student at this world-famous university 


Business as a Way of Life: This course focuses on Motivation and Leadership as well as Current Market and Business Sustainability. You will learn communication skills needed for work, find out about negotiation, problem solving, and how to promote ethical business. You will have an opportunity to plan and promote your own business idea and practise your presentation skills.


Multiculturalism and Immigration: The course explores the history of Immigration and its impact on today’s multicultural Britain. We will learn about causes and effects of migration, the advantages and disadvantages of migration in both host and home countries and discuss social attitudes towards it in our current society. The course will also explore the differences and similarities between British nations and provide a unique insight into a range of aspects of British culture.


CLIL Online Course


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