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Luke’s visit to Japan

January 29th, 2015

I have just returned from my annual ‘winter’ visit to Tokyo, Japan.


The purpose of this trip is to strengthen existing relationships with High Schools and Universities in Tokyo and so I visited some of our partner educational institutions in order to listen to their views about CIE Oxford and our course. In addition to meeting with Principals, Professors and/or administrative staff, I also used the time to meet with students, give mini ‘sample’ lessons on CLIL topics as well as mini lectures on topics like ‘a brief history of Oxford’ or ‘Architecture in Oxford’ …


At each place I visited I was greeted with warm hospitality and felt very welcomed by both staff and students.


Thursday 4th December 2014; Visit to Kyorin University I was greeted by Prof Robin Sakamoto and taken to a classroom to give a small talk on Architecture.


I spoke for a while and then gave a reading text to consolidate what I had been talking about …


Luke's visit to Japan










I gave the same lecture a little later to a smaller group and this time I didn’t make the same mistakes I had made in the first lecture (for example, misspell ‘Renaissance’!!). I think, by the end of the lesson, the students had understood the difference between ‘classical’ and ‘gothic’ architecture…



Teaching Japanese students about Oxford












They even asked me some questions!!

At lunch I met with some students who are planning to come to CIE in the spring of 2015.

Also, the students with their backs to me are ex-students who I was very happy to see.



Conversation classes in Japan












I love visiting Kyorin and seeing the students who have been with us at CIE Oxford.

Thursday 3rd December 2014; Visit to Kawamura Gakuen Woman’s University where I was greeted by Prof Hishida and taken to a classroom to give a small talk on the History of Oxford university and Oxford town (commonly referred to as ‘Town’ & ‘Gown’).

Here you see me monitoring and answering question about the ‘consolidation’ reading …


Teaching Japanese students











After the lesson I was very kindly invited to have a lunch with some of the professors; Prof Hishida of course but I was also joined by Prof. Hiroko Sato, Prof. William Kischuck and Prof. Gaye Brunker.

Thank you very much for welcoming me to the university!!

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