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The best things to do in Oxford

May 26th, 2017

Here is a list of the best things to do in Oxford according to our upper-intermediate students. They have reviewed places and activities, and have chosen their favourite. 


Take this quiz to find out what type of tourist you are:


What’s your ideal Sunday?

a. see ancient monuments

b. have a nice relaxed lunch

c. play football with friends


Describe yourself.

a. curious, cultured, calm

b. like the taste of life, lazy, sociable

c. competitive, active, adventurous


What’s your favourite drink?

a. Water, red wine, Champagne

b. Coffee, beer, fizzy drinks

c. Red Bull, Getorade, water


What’s your favourite TV programme?

a. Documentaries, historical films

b. Cooking programmes

c. Action films, football matches


What country would you like to visit?

a. Greece, China, Russia

b. Spain, Italy, Morocco

c. Brazil, Iceland, Australia


Count your results!


Mainly B: FOOD & DRINK

Youssouf (Mauritania)

To start, Oxford has a large range of restaurants which can provide you with a memorable experience. Here is a list of places where to eat in Oxford.

First, if you are really hungry and you want an astonishing spot where you can eat a lot, you should try the buffet Cosmo. It is a nice buffet in the city centre. Or you can try the pub, which is an important aspect in the British culture. Here are my three favourite pubs. The Bear, The Turf Tavern and The White Horse.



The Bear is one of the oldest pubs in England. It has inn service since 1242. It is a small pub decorated with hundreds of ties from students. The story says that back in the days students used to exchange their tie to get a beer. It is quite small but with good chips and burger.


The White Horse is smaller than the Bear but it has a lot of history. Many famous TV programs where filmed there and a lot of famous person went to have a drink in that pub. Try the Fish and Chips!!


The Turf Tavern firstly known as the Spotted Cow it used to be a place of gambling with bad reputation. However with the expansion of Oxford they change name. Nowadays this pub is full of stories about famous people who went there and there was a world record was made there.


Lastly, the food market is one of the best things in Oxford every Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sundays. You have people from different countries who prepare food and it allows you to eat food that you never eaten before. My favourite is Gyozas!




Adrian (Poland)

If you are reading it, its mean that you are a person who likes spending time outside of home in an active way. I will be glad to introduce you a few awesome activities which can help you experience unforgettable impressions.

First of all, you should become familiar with Kassam Stadium. It’s a place where you can easily spend having an amazing time. In one place just next to each other you will find 3 most recommended activities: laser tag, escape room and bowling.


If you love strong competition with a lot of movement, laser tag is for you. You can visit this place with a group of you friends and check who is the best soldier and can be next new Rambo.

A more simple way to compete but still great is bowling. It is in the same building as laser tag. The theme of this place is Hollywood! If you want to have fun, stay active and still have possibilities to talk with your friends or family, you will appreciate this place. Many different slot machines wait there for younger visitors. Don’t worry if you are more mature, a bar with drinks is waiting for you there.



The last incredible interesting activity in this area is Escape room. It is for a person who like to test their intelligence and experience an unforgettable adventure. You will be surprised how you or your friends’ brains work under the pressure. I would recommend this kind of experience for everyone, although once in a lifetime.

If you are ready for real competition with a podium, qualification, eliminations, real equipment and special preparations to it, I know something you will love! Go Karting, is the perfect way to check who is the best driver in your crew. You can feel like in a real race, the soul of professional racer come to you and the most important thing for this few minutes is overtake your opponent and win! I guarantee you, if you try it one time, you will fall in love and come back there more times.



Next solutions is for people who don’t want to spend lots of money. In this case I would recommend you the Oxford parks. In Oxford you can find many of them. However, two of the most popular are Botley Park and University Park. The first one is more for people who like sport like football, basketball etc. You will find there a playing field for basketball, tennis, table tennis, football. Access to them are free for everyone. University Park is quieter, better for people who like relaxing, spending time in nature and admire nice view. But you can also play sports there, like football.





Sandra (Spain)


The Ashmolean museum was founded in 1683 and is Oxford University’s museum of art and archaeology. There you can find from Egyptian mummies to contemporary art, walking across cultures and across time.

It has different floors, is so huge, you could easily spend hours and hours, especially as they have cafes to rest in. They also have a nice shop, which is good for presents.

In addition, once a month, they organize ‘LiveFridays’. These Fridays are 7.00 to 10.30pm at the Ashmolean. You can see the collections and also enjoy the events including theatrical performances. Every Friday has a different theme, so it’s always interesting.





You can visit the castle with a guided tour and go up the Saxon St George’s Tower, one of the oldest buildings in Oxford. It has a good view of Oxford. The most interesting part is that many years ago this castle was a prison, so you see it as well. After your tour you can explore it by your own and read all the stories. It’s a very interesting sight, specially in Halloween, when they do ghost tours in the castle!





Christ Church is one of the colleges of Oxford University and the most famous. It was used in Harry Potter, so many tourists visit it now. It has the cathedral inside, which is where Oxford started. It was founded in 1546. It was also where Lewis Carroll wrote Alice in wonderland, who was a real girl.

Opposite Christ Church is a shop which sells many Alice things.





This is one of the best sights to visit. It is beautiful and is often used for filming, such as for Harry Potter. It is really old and one of the biggest libraries in the world. It receives a copy of every book written in English, so now many books are stored outside Oxford. Students have to swear to be careful and not break the books.










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