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Teacher Refresher Course – Austrian Teachers

May 25th, 2012

Evaluation by Austrian teachers:


When we arrived things were well organised, the host family were welcoming as well as the school. We had a warm welcome at the school with some tea and biscuits.

We had free time in the afternoon and we started by looking for fish and chips – the first place we went was closed (and it was quite a long walk) but we returned to the centre and ate at a nice pub (the Beefeater).

We also visited Blenheim Palace on one of the afternoons – this was great – a little expensive (as was Christchurch) but both were worth visiting. On Friday afternoon we are planning on going to the Grand Café – the oldest café in Oxford. On Saturday, we hope we will be able to have a tour of the Cotswolds with our host family.

Click here to see a video of our Austrian teacher group.


Course Outline:


MONDAY, 21.05. TUESDAY, 22.05. WEDNESDAY, 23.05. THURSDAY, 24.05. FRIDAY, 25.05.
9.00-10.00 Course overview and induction

Group needs analysis

The roles of accuracy and fluency. How, when and why we correct student errors


Games and Activities for Recycling Vocabulary Classroom Atmosphere and Dynamics: The influence of humanistic approaches to language learning. Grammar workshop: based on group needs or requests.
10.30-11.30 Using questionnaires to encourage fluency – the power of exchanging personal information in another language Real English vs International English : the implications for teachers “It doesn’t rain cats and dogs these days” Looking at up-to-date idioms Pronunciation: Intonation and sentence stress Phrasal Verbs: How to make them easy for your students.
12.00-1.00 “It sounds wrong” The importance of collocation



Using authentic reading. Grading the tasks not the texts. Ways of exploiting texts


Workshop/discussion on classroom challenges and motivating students “Not Hangman again!” Warmers, Fillers and Games to recycle language and have fun Closing plenary and feedback


We also have additional sessions in the afternoon for teachers to observe other teachers and see our teaching methodologies in action. This includes lesson observations, teaching, feedback and advice on teaching methods.


CIE, Oxford

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