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Why every student should try Summer School, produced by students

September 8th, 2016

When you are young there comes a time when you want to explore the world. What a better way to do this than to spend some of your Summer holiday brushing up on your English whilst having lots of fun and meeting new friends from all over the world. CIE Summer School is perfect for young students who would like to immerse themselves in real British culture by having interesting and qualitative lessons, as well as various fun activities in and around Oxford. Here is what the Upper-Intermediate/Advanced Class have to say (there is a video at the bottom of the page as well):




“Hi, my name is Mara, I am from Romania and I have been here for two weeks. When I first came here, everything was new. The atmosphere, the people, the food, the lifestyle. Here, in this summer school you learn about different topics every week, you interact with people from other countries and you have activities like visiting colleges, museums, going punting or bowling. The host families are really friendly and try to make you feel better with the accommodation. This is a unique experience for you to learn new things and improve your English.” (Mara, Romania)





Lessons outside are the best


“I have been here for two weeks and I have loved every second being here. This summer school is an unusual and funny way to learn English. The best thing here is that at the weekends we have one-day trips around the country.

I admit, at first, I was a bit scared because I would stay at a host family, but soon this turned into such a great experience. My family is really nice and caring.” (Alexandra, Romania)



“Every day is fun!” (Haruna, Japan)

Bayader and Alex, chief editors

“My name is Bayader, I’m from Saudi Arabia and I’m 18 years old and I’ve been studying in CIE for two months and I have two more months left. Before I came I was expecting a serious way of teaching with little fun, but I was actually impressed by everything. The teachers are so friendly and studying is fun AND high quality! The atmosphere is so lovely and relaxing. Living with a host family worried me before, but it is actually great. It felt a little bit strange at the beginning, but after a week I felt so comfortable. In fact, they are so kind and lovely people.” (Bayader, Saudi Arabia)



Break time in the amazing garden





“When I fist arrived here I didn’t know what to expect. Even though lots of students from different countries come to study at CIE, you will feel like home. Here you have the opportunity to socialise and find new things about different cultures. The lessons present ‘something new’ for us, and the teachers are so kind and patient, and they will always try to help you. Living with a host family for me is pretty much like living with distant relatives who you don’t know much about, but you try your best to get along.” (Iulia, Romania)



“Not even two weeks have passed since I arrived, but I feel like I need more than that in order to properly experience the English lifestyle. During my time here the weather has been amazingly good! The school (this term is way too intimidating) is almost like a big group of friends, nothing like the ordinary school. The classes are so innovative, for example, we did a play. The teachers are friendly and you can have light-hearted conversations with them. The food here is actually pretty nice. You are also given quite a nice selection. You have different mains, desserts, a salad bar, and different drinks, and ice creams every day.



Students having lunch

Now, host families. They are going to help you whenever you are in need, maybe even showing around town or have a BBQ. The only strange thing here is recycling. (I love the fact they do it, but it’s so confusing for me x_x)


All in all, I LOVE my summer school experience at CIE! And I made so many friends from all over the world. I can’t wait to see you again, CIE!!!” (Ada, Romania)













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