Your Oxford Host Family

Most CIE students stay in host family accommodation. This provides you with the opportunity to share the daily life of a British family.

You will have breakfast and dinner with the host family during the week and at the weekend all meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) will be provided. As CIE is situated in the centre of Oxford, an excellent bus service is available to and from the homes of all our host families.

CIE’s accommodation officer inspects the homes of all host families regularly to ensure that they meet our standards as well as those of the British Council.

Our Families

All of our host families are British families who speak English in the home and will help you practise your English outside of your lessons at school.

The United Kingdom is a multicultural nation with a diverse population, and our host families represent a variety of ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Our families mirror the United Kingdom as a whole and the various kinds of families that are found here. Some of our host families have two parents, and some are single-parent families. Some families have children living in the home, and others have no children. Some of our families are fairly young, and some are older and more mature.

If you would like to ask a question of our accommodation team, they can be contacted directly on

Other Accommodation Choices

For students over 18 wishing to have greater independence, CIE can offer self-catering student apartments, which are suitable for one person or a couple. We can also offer advice on accommodation in a guesthouse or hotel, or for long-term students, renting a flat or a private room.

Please contact the accommodation team at for more information.

During University holidays, CIE is occasionally able to arrange residential accommodation in a University college for groups upon request (and for a higher fee than host family accommodation). See for more details.


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