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Student Drama Performance

January 27th, 2016

Students perform a play as part of their course at CIE.

Just like every year, our Kyorin students have saved ‘the best for last’. During the first three months of their stay, they attended a specialised course at CIE tailored to their needs, including Business Studies, Art and Beauty of Oxford, Charity and Drama. Each subject provided them with invaluable knowledge, language and skills for the future, and has generated further interest. Drama was their favourite course and the excelled at the challenge of performing in front of an audience. There was definitely no sign of shyness! Here is what some of the students said:


Actors before the play ‘This is my first time to make drama in English. We made a script and practiced singing for only three weeks. It was very short time to do it. However, we achieved our goals and it was succeed. Some host families came to watch us in the church [venue]. I’m sure they really enjoyed it. I was quite satisfied with what I’ve done. Thank you for assisting us, Max [drama teacher].’ Maki



‘I have a thing which is solution of act front of people because I have a bad memory when I played the piano. Also I felt nervous, so I forgot song which is the first line. Unfortunately, it was the last time for me my piano session. After that I hate a think which is anything to do in front of people.
And I can’t remember and always forget things, so I worry about what to say as character. But I could remember and not felt nervous. It is my good experience for me. I think this reason was good and I’m glad to do act. If I who past know that I was surprised I think.
Thank you.’  KoheiPerformers



‘I really enjoyed acting in front of the audience.Also, I had a solo part. To be honest, I was thinking I should reject that, but I wanted to challenge myself. I think it succeeded, so I got a sense of accomplishment!! The study of “Drama” will be the most exciting memory in all of programs. Thank you for reading. Have a nice day:).’ Yukino


If you want to watch the student drama performance, you can do it here!


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