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Should you choose to stay with a host family?

May 14th, 2019

The answer is YES!




–  Experience English culture in a happy, comfortable, and relaxing atmosphere
–  Breakfast and evening meals with your host family (packed lunch at weekends)
–  Share a home and make friends with students from different nationalities
–  Clean and comfortable bedroom with fresh bed linen
–  Comfortable study environment
–  Weekly laundry


Relax, talk, and learn ‘everyday English’

One possible worry for any new language student is if they will be able to relax and speak to the locals. Staying with a family makes this a lot easier – you can chat to everyone around the dinner table or when you are all watching television together. If you are staying in a family home and eating with them, then you will quickly begin to pick up the words which are useful in everyday situations.


Feel safe 

This is so important to both the student and their family back home! The most lasting benefit you will get from staying with a host family is the friendly bond you will make. Your host families will help you when you have problems or are feeling homesick and will include you in family celebrations and activities. More than this though, families are maintained by CIE because they have a history with us and have proved to be excellent hosts.





Understand local culture

When you live with a host family you will discover daily local rituals, foods, and customs. You will find out how local families celebrate holidays, how they eat, and interact with each other and with their neighbours. When you live with a host family, not only will you improve your language skills, you will have the chance to understand the local society through its culture.



Good value for money

Not only do you feel safe, learn the culture, and get to relax and speak more genuinely, you can also do this at a very reasonable cost. You don’t have to worry about buying food daily – everything will be done for you!



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