Video Testimonials


Doga from Turkey

Doga spent 3 weeks at CIE Oxford Summer School.


Adrian from Poland

Adrian spent 9 months at CIE.


Kyorin University students

Haruna, Mana, Chihiro and Mai were at CIE for 5 months.


Majed from Saudi Arabia

Majed has been coming back to CIE every year. Last time he stayed for 5 months.


Vilma from Brazil

Vilma from Brazil studied General English at CIE for ten weeks.


Isa from Azerbaijan

Isa from Azerbaijan came to study English + IELTS programme for 6 months.

Angelis from Greece

Angelis from Greece came to study English + IELTS programme for 3 months.

Sandra from Mexico

Ibrahim from Saudi Arabia

Naif from Saudi Arabia

Turki from Saudi Arabia

Rata, Praota and Nattawan from Thailand

Ismat from Azerbaijan

Mizuha and Chihiro from Japan

Peter from Switzerland