Success Stories

Rick: Pre-sessional to Boarding School to UCL


I enrolled in the pre-sessional course at CIE at the beginning of the year and completed it in the summer of the same year. Afterwards, I went on to do A-levels (three A*’s on A-levels plus an A on AS-level) at another college in the UK for two years, and now, here I am, in my second year of undergraduate study in Mathematics at University College London.
The truth is that I would not have obtained these results if it were not for the time I spent at CIE. The family-like atmosphere really eased my anxiety and helped me through those difficult times. After all, it was not easy for a 15-year-old boy to adjust all at once to the differences which arose from moving to a new place that is just slightly under ten thousand kilometres away. The college assisted me sorting out all kinds of problems ranging from transportation (e.g., helping me to get a good second-hand bike and buying bus tickets) to finding a good host family (good food, spacious room, amazingly nice people) and countless other things.
While also putting my mind at ease, academically CIE helped me build a solid foundation with my English which later on allowed me to focus more on my subject of study itself, rather than wasting effort searching for the meaning of each English word.
CIE is most excellent in both their courses and the people. I definitely recommend it.

Shu Wei: IELTS to Royal Holloway College


After studying English at CIE last year, I entered Royal Holloway College, which is located in Egham, near the City of London. Life at the university is fantastic, and I am enjoying it so much. I was especially quite shocked when I first came here, because the main building in front of the campus entrance looks like a castle, and I feel like I am living in ancient history. The friends I made at CIE also came from different countries, such as Japan, Korea and Hong Kong. We sometimes had drinks and cooked meals together, so we had a great time while we were studying. There are lots of essays that we have to write every term at university; it is hard work, but it also improves my English. Sometimes I enjoy staying in the library because of my research. I can feel the “study atmosphere” there, and group meetings are one of the popular activities that take place in the library. During my holiday, I went back to my country to see my family as well as my friends. I really missed them and was so happy to see them. Of course, CIE is one of the most important memories in my whole life. I really enjoyed myself when I was at CIE. I still keep in touch with my friends who I met at CIE by Internet or mobile phone, and sometimes I go back to Oxford to see my old friends. I have never forgot how we joked in class and hung out together. Teachers and students are still like family and it is as if there were no distance at all between us. In addition, the class sizes are small. CIE provides a happy environment which is good for learning English. What is more, living with a host family is a good experience which allows students to learn about different cultures and habits. I love CIE and really recommend CIE as a good place to learn English and experience a different life!

Sam: Pre-sessional to Sibford School


I went to CIE about four years ago, and I studied there for a year. Luckily the teachers there are kind and friendly; they helped me a lot with my English. The first time I went there I knew very little English, and it was impossible for me to communicate to others, but a year later, I could communicate with others easily. They not only helped me with my English studies, but they also helped with a lot of other things. For example, they found a good guardian for me, took us places in our free time, and sorted out problems that we had. I really had great times there, and because of their help I am now studying at Sibford, which is a school near Banbury. I am taking GCSEs in Art, Business, Design Technology, and Science. I finished entry-level Maths last year and am doing A-level Maths now. Next year I am taking A-levels in Art, Textiles, and Further Maths.

Tamara: Pre-sessional to Roedean School


After completing CIE’s pre-sessional course, Tamara went on to enroll at Roedean School in Brighton. We caught up with her just before her summer break. Tamara is happy to report that she is enjoying her time at Roedean very much. Her favourite class at the moment is Psychology. Taking advantage of the cosmopolitan atmosphere at the school, she has made new friends from many different countries, such as Ukraine, Hong Kong, and Indonesia. Of course, she also manages to keep in touch with her friends from home via Internet tools such as email and Facebook. She also returns to Russia for every holiday break to see her family and friends. Although she loves being at Roedean, Tamara says she will always remember her favourite teachers at CIE, such as Elisabeth, Kerri, Ellen, Clare, and a lot of others—adding that the class sizes were “usually just right.” “I love Oxford and the CIE staff,” she said. “I met a lot of interesting people and new friends.”