Meet The Team

John – Co-Principal, Teacher

In addition to his responsibilities as Principal, John takes a keen interest in teaching. Possessing Qualified Teacher Status and TEFL qualifications, John has a wide teaching experience. He taught A-Level History when he was Deputy Head of Cheney School, Oxford and for a short time taught A-Level Sociology at Sibford School and History at the College Stendhal in Grenoble, France. More recently, at Wycombe Abbey School—one of the top boarding schools in the UK—John taught A-Level History, Politics, Philosophy and History of Art, and helped prepare students for Oxbridge entry.

At CIE, he has enjoyed making his contribution to both the General English and Foundation Business Studies courses, and taught the Philosophy component of the Pre-University course for Chuo Suginami High School.

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Luke – Co-Principal, Teacher

Luke is CIE’s Co-Principal, but he also enjoys teaching regularly. He began his teaching career in Turkey, where he stayed for two years, including 18 months in Istanbul. He then taught in Oxford for 5 years before moving to Spain, where he taught English in companies, universities, and in his own school for 6 years before finally returning to Oxford in 2007. He started at CIE in 2007 as the Academic Manager and became the Co-Principal in 2010.

Luke coaches junior rugby at the weekend, although cricket is his sporting passion. He likes travelling, reading, films, and generally spending time with family as well.

He looks forward to showing you a bit of Oxford, a city he has grown to love, and hopes that your time at CIE inspires you, both educationally and personally.

“I love Oxford’s atmosphere; the history, the architecture, the excitement for learning but I also love the local ‘town’ life of village cricket, community/family events or just having a meal in a pub. 

In all my working life I am comfortable saying CIE has been the job I have enjoyed most. The teaching staff are all very friendly and so focused on their students’ development. They are also keen to develop their own skills and many have successfully taken on the DELTA course. The admin staff are also very friendly and it is pleasing for me that the students feedback is always so positive about the atmosphere, the teachers and CIE staff in general.”

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Irma – Director of Studies, Teacher

Irma has been assisting the students with all their academic needs since 2012. She tests and places the students into classes, assigns teachers and monitors the quality of teaching and students’ progress at CIE. She writes courses, organises and delivers internal teacher development sessions.

After qualifying as a teacher in 2000, Irma taught English in a secondary school in Vilnius, Lithuania and also had an unforgettable voluntary experience in a primary school in Nairobi, Kenya. Irma joined CIE in June 2006 as an EFL teacher and activities’ leader and gained her DELTA qualification in 2009. Since then she has been organising and managing the Junior Summer Programme.

She can speak English, Lithuanian and Russian and has attempted to learn French and Spanish in the past. Her personal interests include sports, travelling and outdoor activities as well as a recently discovered fun way to exercise – Zumba.

“I especially enjoy sharing with students what Oxford has to offer, be it history, art or architecture or a vibrant ‘salad bowl’ of nationalities and cultures.  I love language and culture integrated lessons as well as CIE international food parties or cultural presentations through which students learn to appreciate their own and each other’s backgrounds.”

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Amy – Director of Studies, Teacher, CIE Online Coordinator

Amy completed her CELTA in November 2008 and her DELTA qualification in 2014. During her time here she not only has taught English but is also in charge of the day to day running of the CIE Summer School. She has taught students from beginner level all the way up to Advanced. She has also taught one-to-one classes and has had some experience in preparing students for IELTS and FCE certificates.

When she is not working, she enjoys listening to music, going to concerts and most of all, going to the theatre. Amy also speaks French and Spanish and gets great enjoyment out of spending time with native speakers of these languages and learning about their cultures and history.

“I have been working at CIE since I started my career as a teacher and cannot imagine working anywhere else. The combination of the familial atmosphere and good work ethic sets CIE apart from other language schools in Oxford and makes it a very special and thoroughly enjoyable place to work.”

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Cassandra – Teacher, Activities Manager

Cassandra completed her Master’s in teaching English and Spanish as second languages in June 2011 and started teaching at CIE that summer. She qualified as a CELTA teacher in October 2011 and received her DELTA certificate in December 2015. In addition to teaching, Cassandra also manages the Activities Programme. During her time at CIE, Cassandra has taught groups and individuals, and also 1-to-1 lessons. She is currently studying Portuguese and hopes that being a student will help her understand her students better.

She enjoys watching international movies and listening to rock and ska music, as well as singing when she knows everynobody is listening.

“I like working at CIE because, as most students say, it is like a family. If I were a student, I would like to be able to know every student and member of staff, go to the pub, or the cinema, or for a walk, with them. All this happens at CIE effortlessly.”

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Marlies – Teacher, Marketing Manager

Marlies is the Marketing Manager and is responsible for telling the world about CIE. She has been teaching at CIE since she received her CELTA in 2011.  She acquired her DELTA certificate in December 2016. She has lived in Oxford most of her adult life, studying Performing Arts and Anthropology before becoming a teacher.  Her experience in drama makes her a very energetic and enthusiastic teacher.  She regularly teaches a combination of groups and one-to-one lessons from beginner level through to proficiency. She has also prepared students for Cambridge and IELTS exams and has experience with young learners.

She speaks fluent German and some French and Italian. In her free time she loves exploring the British countryside (and its pubs) and spending time with her friends, family, and dog. Her greatest passion lies in travelling and especially learning how to cook the dishes of the countries she visits.

Some of the things she likes: travelling, scuba diving, photography, singing & acting, drawing, the outdoors, her garden, her two cute fluffy bunnies (who eat most of her garden) and her cute fluffy dog (who eats the rest of the garden).

“I especially love CIE’s welcoming family atmosphere. Since CIE is fairly small, teachers and students get to know each other really well and even socialise outside class times. Regularly going to the games café or to the pub gives students the chance to talk more freely and form true friendships that last long after their stay.”

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Sebastian – Teacher

dtyujdtiuSebastian has an academic background in Engineering and Architecture. After taking time out to travel the world he discovered his passion for teaching others, he has taught music across the States and Europe and began teaching English and business English in South Korea. He returned to Oxford to complete his Cambridge CELTA and took residence abroad once more in Mauritius continuing to teach English and business English through online portals. He has now returned to Oxford to complete his DELTA course which finds him at CIE.

In his free time Sebastian loves to enjoy music vocally and the occasional jam with instruments. Interested in future technology he has enrolled on a course learning to code and hopes to complete courses provided by MIT. He loves spending time with his wife and children and can’t wait to show you all the beautiful places in Oxford.

“CIE is a unique school! After spending a lot of time online and teaching on a 1-1 basis it’s great for me to be in a classroom environment. I love the atmosphere created here by both teachers and students, relishing the opportunity to teach and embark on the everyday adventures of being a CIE teacher.”

Michael – Teacher

Michael has been a teacher of English language to foreign students for over ten years, having obtained his CELTA (English language teaching qualification) in Oxford in 2005. He teaches primarily in the summer or at other times of peak demand. Before entering teaching, he worked for many years in publishing, and has written children’s books published on both sides of the Atlantic. He is a graduate in Russian from the University of Sussex and holds an MA from Keele University. His interests include chess, music (jazz and classical), politics, languages (above all, he says, lately trying to brush up his Russian) and travel. Originally from Portsmouth and later London, he now lives in East Oxford with his wife, Jana, who is also an English language teacher with CIE.

“CIE is a great place to work. It has that unique blend of informality and seriousness of purpose. You have a lot of laughs but no one loses sight of why they’re there or what they have to do.”


Jana – Teacher

Jana became an English-language teacher shortly after completing a long career as marketing manager with Macmillan publishers. She qualified as a CELTA teacher in 2007 and has taught at CIE every summer since, as well as at other times when needed. British by nationality, she was born of Czech parents in what is now Zimbabwe, and was educated in England and India. Having grown up bilingual in English and Czech she has always been interested in languages and can also speak some French and Italian. She is a graduate in philosophy of Birkbeck College, University of London.

In her free time Jana enjoys going to the opera, jazz, cinema and visiting the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford. She believes Oxford is the perfect place to live and learn in if you like culture, sports, university history and architecture, not to mention sampling some of the myriads of restaurants from different cultures, all in one small city.

Jana has travelled extensively and delights in learning about other cultures. Her ambition is to visit South America one day, the one continent she has never been to.

‘The key to CIE’s success is its unique and dynamic family atmosphere. Being around younger people helps keep your wits sharp and exposes you to new ways of thinking. Yet, at the same time, life experience can itself be rewarding and shed light on the teaching experience from a broader perspective that can be helpful to others too.’

Our Teachers

All of our academic subject teachers are qualified, experienced, and professional. Our academic programmes are accredited by the British Accreditation Council (BAC), which requires that our teachers have appropriate teaching qualifications, such as a Bachelors or Masters degree and/or a PGCE in the subject they are teaching.

Our English language courses are accredited by the British Council, which requires that our teachers have certificate-level teaching qualifications such as the Cambridge CELTA (Certificate of English Language Teaching to Adults).

If you register to study at CIE for more than 4 weeks, you will be assigned a personal tutor who meets with you regularly and makes sure you are happy with your classes and your host family.


Hisashi – Finance Manager

Hisashi is the Finance Manager at CIE Oxford.  He studied Business Administration at Senshu University in Japan and decided to work for United Travel Study Service Ltd, CIE’s head office. His experience of Travel and Study Abroad Management at UTS made him explore his interest of improving his English and he moved to Montreal in Canada to continue his study.

He was recruited by UTS for a position as a finance and Japanese liaison at CIE and has been with CIE for 11 years.

“CIE is such a nice place to work.  We have an excellent family atmosphere between, staff, teachers and students; we always love laughing, chatting about different experiences.

The regular international parties where everyone brings food from their country are funny and interesting!   The team is professional and constantly observing how each student is progressing in their English.  This makes me motivated in my work.”

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Julie – Accommodation Manager


Julie is the Accommodation Manager at CIE and mainly deals with host families and student arrivals. She makes sure that all students are matched with appropriate host families. She also ensures the families apply to the high standards CIE has and makes frequent house visits. She keeps in close contact with our families and has regular chats with the students about their experience in the families.

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