40th Anniversary

Celebrating 40 years of international education …

In 2014 CIE proudly celebrated 40 years of outstanding achievement. Founded in 1974 by the owner, Mr Kenichi Ikeno, to promote English Language courses in an academic context, CIE has built an excellent reputation for the quality of its courses, the success of its students and the friendly and supportive atmosphere at the school.


The fact that we entered our 40th year with great confidence is partly the result of our low staff turnover. Luke and John, our Co-Principals, have been at CIE since 2007 and those of you who have worked with CIE over the past six years will be familiar with our staff. Amy (Activities and Student Welfare), Hisashi (Finance),  Irma (Director of studies), Max (Accommodation)  and Marlies (Marketing) have provided the element of continuity which in turn has helped them to create the wonderful atmosphere at the school. We were very happy to learn that the Independent Schools Inspectorate describes the quality of the curriculum, teaching and learning achievement as “exceeds expectations”.

CIE is accredited by both the British Council and the Independent Schools Inspectorate and we are grateful to these institutions for their support and encouragement. Our HTS status enables us to accept Tier 4 students and with this background we look to the future with optimism. We are establishing closer links with our parent company in Tokyo with the result that our staff make regular visits to Japan. These visits not only assist in closer cooperation but also give our staff insights into a fascinating culture. In fact work at CIE is an educational  and enriching experience for both students and teachers.

The Business Studies Foundation course has been the route taken by many international students to enter a British university, but short courses in such diverse subjects as Philosophy, Theory of Knowledge, Drama and the Art of Beauty have won particular praise and have made many students understand the famous dictum of Marcel Proust that “ the real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes”.

We shall continue to help international students to improve their English and to promote their academic development.  In particular we shall try hard not only to encourage our students to have new eyes but also, and in particular, to appreciate fully the beauty of Oxford. Described by Matthew Arnold as “whispering from her towers the last enchantments  of the Middle Ages”, Oxford must be one of the most  beautiful cities in the world and we are convinced that we have a duty  to help our students to appreciate and understand this amazing city.