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Magical Oxford Programme

April 12th, 2017


CIE prides itself in offering personalised group programmes. One of our most special one is the ‘Magical Programme’. It usually lasts two weeks and is offered throughout the year. It specialises in the magic of historical Oxford and incorporates famous stories from Oxford. These include Harry Potter, Alice in Wonderland, and The Chronicles of Narnia.


Spring journals

This spring we welcomed students from Seigakuin School, Tokyo. In the morning they had personalised English classes*. They were divided into General and Practical English, and British Culture. In the General English lessons they improved their skills, such as ‘listening skills’. Practical English entailed conversation practice, e.g. ‘Ordering food at a restaurant’. In the culture lesson they learned about the British culture and were able to draw comparisons to their own culture. This variety of lessons ensured that they got the most out of their short two-week stay in Oxford.


*We also offer classes merged with our regular course, if a mix of nationalities is preferred – upon availability.




Harry Potter and Oxford



CIE encouraged the students to keep a daily journal in order to keep a record of their experience and impressions. It also gave them vital writing practice in English. We provided corrections and suggestions for improvement every day.


In the afternoon students ventured out to visit colleges, museums, and libraries of Oxford. Our professional guide gave them an unforgettable tour full of fun entertainment.


At the end of their stay students did project work on different topics related to their experience at CIE. They presented their findings in front of an audience and answered questions to give further detail.


In their two weeks at CIE students had the chance to apply their English skills in and outside the classroom. They had great fun exploring the magic of Oxford and nearby attractions, such as the ‘Harry Potter Studios’. They acquired practice in speaking English and return to Tokyo with more confidence and many great memories.





We are looking forward to next year, Seigakuin!

Students from Seigakuin, Tokyo

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