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Living with a host family, written by students

May 17th, 2016

Most of CIE’s students live with a host family. If you are unsure what it is like and maybe you are thinking about coming to the UK to study English, read this blog. There is also a video at the end.

Intermediate students have summarised their views on living with a host family. Here is what they have to say:


‘If you want to study abroad, you’ll think about living in a host family. I interviewed a family about living in host family, and maybe I answer some of your questions.

    I asked the mother about the students’ feeling in the first day. She said I tell the students that behave as if your family. The student should tell the family what he/she likes and if he/she allergic to some things. If the student miss a main dish from his/her country he/she can ask her to do it for you.

  Also, if he/she would like to help to do the housework he/she can. Sometimes the family go at the weekend for a trip and he/she can join them and know more places in the U.K. The family will wash your clothes once or twice a week. The family gives you breakfast and dinner at weekdays but at the weekend they should give you breakfast, lunch and dinner. If he/she would like to have meals out you should tell them that.

    I’ve been in the U.K. 3 months and I feel like I’m a part of the family. My family is Muslims so am I. So I didn’t need to ask them about the food is it Halal or not. Furthermore I always bring my friends to my house and they didn’t say to me anything.

    In conclusion, I prefer to live in a host family because they give you a lot of things and you feel like it’s your family. Also you can improve your English by talking with them. If I had to live alone, I would feel lonely and I should do a lot of work for the house. I’m happy to meet them.’

Yousef (Saudi Arabia)


‘People who want to come to Oxford to study English, most of them want to live with host family, to feel comfortable and learn more English. So they don’t want to live alone and they don’t want to do housework.

Before the students come to Oxford, CIE school prefer for them host families, but if they want an apartment the school helps them to find room to rent. The school gives the student a host family, which is 20 minutes from the school. This helps the students to learn English better. The school chooses the host family according to what you prefer and sends you the profile. If you don’t like the host family you can ask them to change it, if there is a reason.

The host families make breakfast and dinner for you on the weekdays and meals on the weekend if you are at home. If you want different meal to have, you can ask the host family for this, but they don’t have to change it for you. The host family wash your clothes, at less once a week but some of them do it twice or more.

In conclusion, I think live with host families is best for the students to learn and if they afraid to live alone, because they feel that they are at home with the host family. I am very happy with my family and feel so lucky!’

Vittorio (Italy)


‘In my opinion living in host family is better than living alone in a flat or a rented room.

I agree with it because of several reasons. First, your host family just like your family, they treat you like a own child. If you need help, they will help you immediately. Also, host family speak English very well. If you live with them together, you can learn English when you talk with them. Besides, host family will take care of you, you don’t need to cook by yourself. Also, they will clean your room. Also, the money is much cheaper if you live in host family than living alone in apartment.

However, living in a host family also has some disadvantages. For example, if you live in a host family, you will be dependent, food for example. While you live alone in apartment, you will be very independent. It is very useful when you grow up. Besides, you can invite your friends to your home and have parties and so on. But our family always accepts friends.’

Sam (China)


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