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‘Let it Go’ rewritten by CIE students

December 9th, 2014

The Intermediate class have re-written the lyrics to Frozen’s ‘Let It Go’ making it relevant to winter and CIE. The theme for the week was winter and it ended on Friday by singing this song to the rest of the school. Students then created a music video.


All of the lyrics, ideas and footage in the film were created by the students.


Watch it here:


Each of the other classes also had their own “winter” themed project. These included:


– Winter Sports

– Winter Festivals Around the World

– Winter Food

– Winter A-Z



The ‘Winter Sports’ group had some pieces of paper with pictures of various winter sports on them such as skiing, snowboarding, sledging etc. During their presentation, the rest of the school had to try and match up these pictures with the correct names. It was quite challenging!


The “Winter Festivals Around the World” group had done a lot of research into the diverse celebrations that occur during winter all around the world. The most well known one in England is obviously Christmas, but it was interesting to learn about “The Night of the Radishes” and “The Harbin Ice Festival”. These students prepared PowerPoint presentations with pictures and videos which made the lesson even more interesting and fun.


The ‘Winter Food’ group taught us a lot about the different things people from different countries consume during winter. Their presentation took the form of a quiz. We all got into groups of four and were given a piece of paper to write our answers on. We were asked several questions about winter food, and given four optional answers. Thank goodness it was a multiple choice quiz, because some of the questions were quite hard! It was so much fun learning about different cultures.


The last group, “Winter A-Z” prepared a PowerPoint presentation. Each student was assigned a certain amount of letters and had to think of winter-related words and phrases to match. We added lots of new words to our vocabulary on this day!


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