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What kind of learner are you? by student Tahani

September 23rd, 2016

Pre-Intermediate student Tahani from Saudi Arabia created a quiz to help you decide what kind of learner you are. Do the quiz and find out how you can study effectively.



What sense do you prefer? Please answer the questions and a surprise will be waiting for you!


1) If you want to cook a treat, what do 1

a – ask your friend

b – watch a video about tips

c – try it before then you can make it again


2) If you need to collect information about something, how can you do it?

a – listen to a friend or a recording

b – watch a T.V. programme

c – go out and find the information yourself


3) If you want to learn a skill. How would you do it?

a – watch how I can do it

b – read a brochure

c – try before and you can discover it


4) Tomorrow you have an exam. How do you revise?

a – read

b – write

c – draw diagrams


5) A book title appeals to you then you decide to buy it because…

a – a picture on the book

b – read the contents

c – I like the feeling of the material


If you got a lot of ‘A’ answers…

You are an audio learner. You breathe slowly and you don’t want to speak. You have the will to listen without interruption. You can remember a lot but as sound! You like music.


If you got a lot of ‘B’ answers…

You are a visual learner. You breathe, eat and speak quickly. When you want to decide something it depends on what you see so this pushes you into danger. You store information as pictures and like art.


If you got a lot of ‘C’ answers…

You are a tactile learner. You breathe deep and quiet. If you want to decide about something you depend on your sentiments. You store information as sensations and you speak in a low voice. You always feel depressed and alone all the time.



Visual learners Audio learners Tactile learners
·        Watch English T.V. ·        Listen and write lyrics on ·        Do experiments with partners in school and describe them
·        Look for videos on demonstrating English writing ·        Read aloud for one hour everyday ·        “Draw” and decorate new words
·        Highlight difficult or new words and difficult questions. ·        Do an interview with your family or friends once a week. ·        For young learners dress-up as letters and make new words.


Thank you for reading my blog and I hope it helps you!


Tahani Alsahafi

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