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IELTS at CIE Oxford

March 24th, 2015

IELTS course

The IELTS Exam Preparation Course is ideal for students who:

  • want to study at an English speaking University
  • want to study for an internationally recognised exam in English

In the morning you will have 3 hours of lessons. The first 2 hours are General English classes, focusisng on the 4 main skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing. These correspond to the 4 sections of the IELTS exam. The last hour focuses on practical English and study skills to help you use the English you have learnt. There are two types of IELTS – General & Academic. Look at the diagram above to view the difference between these exams.


In the afternoon, classes will be focussed on the IELTS exam and the skills you will need to gain a better score. You will be given regular practice tests and your teacher will give you individual feedback and advice on how you can improve.

At the end of the course you will receive a certificate stating your level according to the Common European Framework.

Taking the IELTS Exam

You will need to book your IELTS exam at least 1 month earlier. (In the summer, this exam gets booked up very quickly, so be quick to avoid disappointment!) We are happy to help students book the IELTS exam at a nearby test centre. To see the dates of the exam please go to the IELTS website.


Our Students’ Results

Student 6 (China) Result
Started on the 13/04/14 at CEFR level… B2
On 12/07/2014 achieved IELTS score… 7.5
Student 5 (Saudi Arabia) Result
Started on the 03/03/14 at CEFR level… A2
On 21/06/2014 achieved IELTS score… 5.5
Student 4 (Saudi Arabia) Result
Started on the 03/03/14 at CEFR level… A2
On 21/06/2014 achieved IELTS score… 5
Student 3 (Saudi Arabia) Result
Started on the 03/03/14 at CEFR level… B1
On 21/06/2014 achieved IELTS score … 6
Student 2 (Spain) Result
Started on the 23/09/13 at CEFR level… A1
On 12/07/2014 achieved IELTS score … 6.5
Student 1 (Russia) Result
Started on 04/07/13 at CEFR level… A2
On 05/04/2014 achieved IELTS score … 6

(Visit the IELTS website to see the comparison of CEFR levels with IELTS scores.)


Need more convincing? Listen to this testimonial about our IELTS course, given by one of our past students!

Bertug, from Turkey

Bertug (Turkey) has been to CIE Oxford a couple of times to study an IELTS course.


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