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How to improve your English Level

April 14th, 2015

Which level are you on now?

If you want to improve your level of English, CIE can show you how!

Learning English does not always mean sitting in a classroom with a pile of textbooks. You can improve your skills doing normal, every day things! For example, do you:

• Listen to the radio
• Watch television programs and movies (you can use subtitles to help you at first)
• Read the newspaper
• Change the language settings on your Facebook and mobile phone to ‘English’. This is a very useful tool for people who use technology a lot.
• Talk to your host family/native English speakers
• Label things around your house – tables, lamps, desks, even door handles! Seeing these labels every day will remind you of the English words and help you to remember them in the future.
• Record yourself. Nobody likes the sound of their own voice, but listening to yourself speaking in English can be a very useful tool to help you advance your pronunciation and intonation, and identify any mistakes you make regularly
• Keep a diary! Writing a little bit every day will develop your skill and you will be able to track how much you have improved since the beginning.
• Use online forums such as to chat in English and talk about your experiences and any language problems you may have
• Add a school friend on Skype so you can help to correct each other and improve together


Bingo Card

One of our teachers, Cassandra, made this fun Bingo card for students to use outside of the classroom. See how many you can cross off in a month, and your English will surely improve!





Most of our long-term students have done an excellent job of bettering their English skills; many of them moved up a level or two, sometime even more! One of our past students, Belen, started at Pre-Intermediate and when she left us 6 months later, she was already in the Upper-Intermediate class. Well done Belen!


Watch her testimonial about her experiences studying English at CIE.


How did I improve my English at CIE and how can I continue improving after CIE?

There were a lot of opportunities to improve my English skill. Not only during classes, but also in break time I could have valuable conversations with classmates and teachers. After class, everyone gathered in lounge and started talking. I think that was very good for my English skill. My teachers gave me useful advice to improve English skill, and also they gave me assignments every day. That was also good for review.


After leaving at CIE, I lost great opportunities to improve my English skill but not everything. I have some exercises on CIE website and I still have friends who I met at CIE. I’m keeping in touch with them. I sometimes watched films in English without own language’s subtitle. I have few books which was published by Graded Readers. These are good for improving my English skill.


By Jun, Japan

One response to “How to improve your English Level”

  1. Robin says:

    Great tips! I’ve been studying English for almost a year now and I’m glad that I’ve learned a lot through watching English movies, reading books every day and talking to a lot of english speakers to practice english language.

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