Group Leaders

Groups are an integral part of the success of CIE and as such, we highly value them. We want to ensure an enjoyable stay for you and your group. The role of the group leader is a very important one, as they help the students adapt to the new environment and help them benefit from a variety of experiences on offer. In order for you and your students to have a clear picture of what you can expect, we have provided all the necessary forms below. We would be grateful if you could familiarise yourself with its contents and explain or translate any areas that your students may have difficulty with.


Essential information for Agents / trip organisers:

Suitability Checks for Group Leaders from Abroad

Parental Permissions & Medical Consent form

Terms & Conditions

Parental Consent Form for 10-14 y.o. at CIE in summer

Parental Consent Form for 15-17 y.o. at LMH in summer

Group Booking Form


If you are not accompanying the group yourself, please ensure that the Leaders you send are fully aware of the following

Essential information for group leaders:

Group Leader Information

Group Leader Contract + Pre-Arrival Information

Group Leader summary of duties: care of under 18s


Group leaders can enjoy the following perks:

For every ten (10) students, there will be a free space for one leader. CIE are happy to offer each of these leaders:

  • free lessons at their level (if classes exist at their level).
  • free single rooms in a host family (this will be recalculated if the group is less than 10).
  • free activities during the week (accompanying their students).
  • free excursions at the weekend (accompanying their students).