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Happy European Day of Languages from CIE

September 29th, 2014

The students at CIE came together to celebrate European Day of Languages, and they wish all of you an enjoyable day!



What is it?

The European Day of Languages is an annual event and has taken place since 2001 in order to celebrate the 6000+ languages spoken all across the globe. On this day, the 800 million Europeans represented in the Council of Europe’s 47 member states are encouraged to take up a new language, or take pride in their existing language skills.


On this day, a number of events are held across Europe in order to celebrate. These events include those for children, language classes and conferences as well as various media programmes.


How can I get involved?

The EDL website states: “Whether as an individual or in a group, within an organization (school or association) or just among friends, people of all ages can get involved in the Day. Everyone can contribute to the success of the EDL – either by taking part in the activities organised or by getting together with others and setting up events.
EVERYONE really can get involved in the European Day of Languages, even if it is just about inviting neighbours from different cultures for tea or decorating the house with the European Day of Languages posters and stickers. You may not become a polyglot in the space of a day but it is likely to widen your horizons and it will almost certainly be an enjoyable and fulfilling experience!

CIE is a multicultural place to come and study English. Our students (& teachers!) come from all over the world, and speak a number of different languages.


Take a look at this pie chart showing how many different nationalities we had at CIE this year:

Graph to show English student nationalities



Our range of nationalities and languages makes CIE a diverse and exciting place to study. We all work together to help create an collaborative and inclusive learning atmosphere.

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