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English Students Rap about CIE

October 31st, 2014

Students in Sophie’s pre-intermediate class rap about their experiences learning English at CIE Oxford!

Have a look at the results:

Students had to invent the lyrics in English and relate them to their experiences of studying English at CIE Oxford. This class had a great time putting this rap together and filming it. The writing part was a little difficult to begin with, rhyming in English is not an easy task! However, by the end of this mini-project the students’ confidence had grown and they were speaking in rhymes!

CIE aims to improve students’ skills in all areas, both in and out of the classroom, sometimes using text books and other times through more practical lessons such as this one.


Want to rap along? Here are our lyrics:

In Cie I feel free
It’s the best school i see

I love CIE
It is very nice
It’s the best school for me,
And it’s a very good price!

I am always happy
In pre intermediate class
Doing work with sophie
So that I can pass

I’m so happy in Cie
The people are so kind
It’s the best structure for me
And it’s the best school you’ll find

I feel satisfied
In my English class
I am filled with pride
When I learn to pass

Cie is the best school
It is an international place
The teachers are very cool
And the lessons have a good pace

Cie is really exciting
There are great teachers
Students at cie are like lightening
Every person is a great feature

I love CIE
It is very fun
My experience here is key
It’s warm and happy like the sun

I also love the teachers
The lessons are very exciting
I wanna be a teacher in the future
So I must do a lot of writing

I love oxford town
Especially my school
Why don’t you come on down
You can join in too!

2 responses to “English Students Rap about CIE”

  1. Jay says:

    wow this is a masterpiece

  2. Rolando says:

    What a great job! gonna apply it with my students at school, congratulations!

    Regards from Santa Rita, Paraguay

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