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Detective Story written by a student

April 8th, 2016

Here is a detective story by our student Henry, who wrote it all by himself in the lesson. He had been studying how to use different tense forms in a story.

How do you think the man died? Leave a suggestion in the comment box.

DETECTIVE STORY                                                                                                                                                                                                                  By Henry

“The Man under the Bridge”

Early in my investigation: The man in that village told me, that case had happened a year ago, that night it had a rained heavily and he would never forget that night.

  I love staying in the Police office and thumbing the old cases which haven’t or cannot be closed. I love to study them, to see how the savvy criminals do these almost perfect crime. Sometimes I also read some books about Criminal psychology. All in all, I love to try to figure out the answers for these strange events.

However, let’s get in to the topic.

There was a ‘bizarre’ case, because this person had no time of death, there had been no report for him and no suspect and the most interesting thing was actually he was not from the city where he had been found!

He had no relatives or friends here, so why did he come? If he had come for travel, why did he die? If he had been killed by robbery, why was he alone?



  I took the question to the place where he had been found which was under London bridge, there it was quite could, extremely quiet and foggy like in a winter morning. I was walking there along, I felt scared and I could hear my heartbeat. The clues I had found told me that the man didn’t die by drowning himself, so he couldn’t have jumped down from the bridge. He was found in August, so I calculated how far the water took him.

From my hunch, he had been killed before the suspect dropped him in to the water, so I was going to find the place the killer threw him into the fast river. I rode quickly on my bike for an incredibly long time.



When I arrived, the sun had already gone, the sky turned as dark as thick black ink, the black clouds came over that small town and the winds became stronger, I felt cold and made me shiver with cold. Because that the road was uneven and windy, I left my bike and walked through into the ancient village. There were no street lights so I couldn’t see the end of my nose, I turned on my phone light, the dim light made me feel even more nervous. Suddenly I saw a thatched cottage in front of me…

One response to “Detective Story written by a student”

  1. Nice history but the work of a detective is methodical. I recommend to include some clues regarding how was found the corpse and what he have in the clothes, marks, etc.


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