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Cultural and Language Programme at CIE

March 3rd, 2015

Students from Chuo High School are studying a Cultural and Language Programme at CIE. Topics include: Philosphophy, Architecture, Science, History, Politics, Education and many more. In the afternoons they research for a project which they will have to present at the end of the course.

Here is what our teachers wrote about their experience with them:



Sophie Clifton-Tucker, English Teacher at CIE

After a week of teaching Chuo students I can see they are a hardworking and fun group! In the mornings we have been learning about the differences in immigration in Japan and the UK. Sometimes my students are like my teachers, I am learning lots about Japan!

In the afternoons we have been working on our projects involving differences between Japan and the UK. Topics include: environmentalism, crime and education. The students challenged themselves to go into Oxford’s city centre and interview people for their project work. I was very impressed with their courage and eagerness to practise their English.


Sophie's Class


Last week we all enjoyed a delicious meal together in an Elizabethan room at one of the Oxford University colleges. We shared a lot of laughs and took lots of selfies!

Sophie's Class



It is nice to teach a group with different personalities; every person brings something special to each class. I hope they will return to CIE at some point in the future.”



Christopher Hedley, English Teacher at CIE:

In the mornings of the first week we studied Politics, looking in depth at the traditional social class system in the UK, and how the UK welfare system works. During the second week we looked into Environmental Science, specifically the causes and effects of global warming and what we can do to save the environment.



In the afternoons the students have been working on their own projects. I’ve been overseeing two groups preparing presentations on Business and Politics. This largely has been their own work, my role has been to steer them in the right direction and help with concepts and language they don’t understand, and giving relevant presentation tips and advice.

Overall, the students seem to have enjoyed the experience a lot. They are having fun in the classroom and are keen on exploring the city of Oxford. They are learning new vocabulary and concepts which they are applying in their presentations. I’ve really enjoyed teaching this group!



And here is a comment about last year’s Chuo group!


Chuo students are a joy to teach. They are enthusiastic and determined to participate in all aspects of their learning experience as provided in Oxford colleges by teachers at CIE. They quickly pick up the idea that interaction in the classroom is essential for gaining confidence and improving their speaking skills. Their activities include role plays, interviews with their host families about British culture, mini presentations, discussions on a variety of topics, and group work to present their ideas in the form of colourful posters. The students are also teaching us about Japanese culture which makes for a pleasant exchange of information. We work hard and have fun. Students can be heard to laugh and also sing during lessons! As long as they speak in English that’s great :-)

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