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Speaking Skills & Language

Useful for

Breaking the Ice

Introducing yourself, question formation
FCE & CAE Speaking part 1 & 4, IELTS Speaking part 1, Trinity Speaking Conversation task

28th May

Giving Advice like an Agony Aunt

Language for advice, giving advice
FCE & CAE Speaking part 3 & 4, IELTS Speaking part 3, Trinity Speaking Conversation task

4th June

Life after Lockdown

Thinking time expressions, expressions for showing interest
FCE & CAE Speaking part 4, IELTS Speaking part 3, Trinity speaking Conversation task

11th June


Past simple and present perfect to talk about experience
FCE & CAE Speaking part 2, IELTS Speaking part 2 & 3, Trinity Speaking Conversation task

Free Online Conversation Café 

Please only join the meeting if you have read and agree with the code of conduct below.

We are hosting a new, free to join virtual Conversation Café on Zoom with the aim to bring together CIE friends old and new!

When? Every Friday  9-10am UK time (BST)

How? Follow the Zoom link at the bottom of this page

Who? 15+ years*, all levels, all nationalities

*Please note: We require anyone who is under 18 and wants to join the session to provide written permission to participate by email from a parent/guardian. Please email [email protected]  before the session stating: I (name of a parent) agree for (child’s name) to take part in the CIE Virtual Conversation Café+Mini Lesson on (insert date) and agree to the rules outlined by CIE Oxford in the Online Code of Conduct.
Signed (parent/guardian full name)

These are free, informal sessions and will be led by one of our friendly, experienced CIE teachers.

Each week we will focus on a different topic to discuss, PLUS we will provide a free mini lesson where we will look at a particular language point or skill and then we will put it into practise in our conversation.

We want to provide you with the opportunity to practise your spoken English, improve your listening and learn from each other about life in different corners of the world!

Our Conversation Café is a place to feel relaxed, welcome and appreciated so please read our Code of Conduct below which must be agreed to and followed in order to participate.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 876 9487 7462
Passcode: 995085

Online code of conduct

We are very excited to invite you to CIE Virtual Conversation Cafe where you can meet people from different countries and practise your English in a safe environment. You might be an ex-student of CIE or a friend of a friend who is looking for opportunities to practise their English and perhaps visit Oxford in the near future. Here’s a fantastic opportunity to meet our teachers and make new friends.

We ask you to adhere to some common rules so that everyone feels safe and comfortable.

  • Please be respectful to the teachers and fellow participants
  • Keep your camera on
  • Use your name (in Latin alphabet) when you join
  • Keep yourself muted when not speaking to avoid unnecessary background noises
  • Dress appropriately
  • Make sure your environment does not display any inappropriate images
  • Switch off your mobile phone 
  • Actively participate but try not to dominate the conversation 
  • You might be divided into smaller breakout rooms, please use English at all times
  • The sessions might be recorded for quality assurance and promotional purposes. Only the teacher can record
  • No videos or screenshots will be taken and shared by the participants
  • Please do not share the link, but you are welcome to refer anyone interested to our website

If for any reason CIE teachers believe that your online behaviour is inappropriate, they will remove you from the event and block you from entering any future events.

If you do have any questions or concerns about the online behaviour of other participants, please contact Irma immediately at [email protected]

Please check the full CIE e-safeguarding policy.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 876 9487 7462
Passcode: 995085

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