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Charity Event by Kyorin students 2015

January 14th, 2016

This year our Kyorin University students hosted a Charity event for ‘The Gatehouse’, Oxford, which is a charity supporting homeless people in Oxford.

They broke last year’s record by £40! In total they raised £155.77!!!

Here is what they wrote:

We are Japanese students and studying English in Oxford. Also we studied local charity to help someone who suffer from something. We joined The Gate House. This is a charity group which help homeless people. We decided to help them. The reason that we wanted to help homeless people is that is a familiar problem to us. We can see them on the street everyday. They don’t have food to eat, water to wash them body, place to sleep, somethings to keep out the cold, they don’t have everything necessary for life. Even if they want to get away from homeless people life, they can’t do anything on themselves. When we need to help of somebody, we usually are helped by someone. But usually there are no anybody who help homeless people geneously. That’s why we decided to help them.

First, we made a proposal of charity. It has two things which is decide “where we going to send to money?” and “what will we do?” Second, we prepared for charity and when we branched off three kinds. Negotiate to shops, make objects which use charity, and make a presentation. Third, we hold event. Finally, we made blog, made report, and send to money for the Gatehouse. 

We held the charity event at 19th November. In this event, we opened many attractions. For example, origami class, paper plane competition, raffle, bingo, auction and so on. Over 20 people joined and enjoyed the event. Besides, the Gate House’s staff came to the event and had a presentation for us. It was good experience to learn more about activity of the Gate House.

Our charity was successful. However, if we rehearsed more, it could be more exciting one. Finally, we raised £155.77 thanks to guests from outside. That event became our good opportunity to communicate with people in English.
We were glad that our project made many people happy.

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