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Charity Course at CIE Oxford

November 13th, 2013

CIE Oxford is offering a fantastic new Charity course this summer. The charity course is for students who want something extra to their General English course. It is an excellent opportunity to learn English whilst gaining valuable skills in research, presentation skills and event organisation.
Students can impress future employers and universities by showing that they have the ability to use English practically and in challenging situations.

The 3 week course includes General English classes in the morning for 3 hours and then 2 hours of charity focussed classes in the afternoon. The General English classes will include all the skills with an emphasis on communication skills. The charity course content includes research and investigation and presentations about charities of the student’s choice. In the last week of the course students have to organise a fundraising event for a charity which they feel most deserves their money.

There is also the chance to go on excursions at the weekends. This is a great opportunity to see more of the UK with your classmates and includes visits to cities such as Brighton, London, Windsor and Bristol.

The course is set in Lady Margaret Hall which is a beautiful Oxford University College and is a great place to study and be inspired. The College has many facilities to offer including tennis courts, football pitches, BBQs and a computer room.

A group of Japanese students did the course in October and here are some of their comments about what they learned from the course:

“In October, we held charity events to raise money for UNICEF. After we learned about charity groups such as Oxfam, we started to prepare to hold our charity events. One group planned to raise money on Cornmarket St so we made lots of cranes using origami for people who paid money. Then, on the event day, we held it on the street for about 3 hours! The day was really cold but it was an excellent success!! In the other group, we held the event at CIE. The event was a lottery. First, we made appointments with STARBUCKS and LUSH by phone. Then we went to the shops and explained our project. Finally, the shops gave us lots of products for the lottery. During this course we could learn a lot about charity and also got self-confidence to talk to strangers using English. The experience was very valuable for us.”


Students on the charity course talk about their experiences:


What did you do?

“First we studied about charity and we chose one charity and we teach to classmates. We decided one charity – WWF. After we chose WWF we start think about what we are going to do for event and we decided to sell some stuff and play some games. The event day we collected £100 and I think we did very good. All this money goes to WWF which help endangered animals in the world.”

“First week I learnt what is the problem in the world. Second week, I learnt and researched about many charities in Britain. Third week, we could hold a charity event. This course let me know what is important for me.”


What did you like about the course?

“I was interested that we can choose the charity organisation and we did presentations to each other.”

“The best and most interesting thing is charity event. We held a bingo event and some other games. We gave lessons how to make [origami] cranes and turtles. That’s very interesting. It’s great experience.”


What was challenging about the course?

“Teaching [about the different charities] is difficult for me. I’ve never done it. However, it is nice to do it in English and I could study charities deeply.”


How have you changed since doing the course?

“I think my thoughts are expanded by thinking of these kinds of problems.”

“If I go to supermarket, I will choose vegetable or fruit which is fairtrade that helps the person who are growing the plants.”

“At first, I didn’t care charity shops. But now I want to go to charity shops as much as I can. This is a big change for me. I knew sending money for people in developing countries is important. I didn’t know how to help them except this idea. But now I know so I want to help them more.”



To see some pictures and read about one of our Charity days from one of our teachers, click here!



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3 responses to “Charity Course at CIE Oxford”

  1. Irma says:

    Although I couldn’t attend the event, I had a chance to witness the groups’ preparation for it. On one occasion my kitchen was invaded by the students and the house was flooded with amazing smells of cakes freshly taken out of the oven! I heard Luke really enjoyed those! On a different night our living room table was covered with origami, glitter, glue and cute little paper flowers – Akane was making cards, which apparently sold pretty well. Well done everybody!

  2. Pedro says:

    For me, participating in this charity event has been a great pleasure because I share the cause. Also I want to give thanks to schoolmates who organized it.

  3. Atsumi says:

    I joined this charity event for which the students organized some games and cooked some delicious cakes.
    I enjoyed everything with schoolmates and teachers.
    Before charity event I learned about endangered animals in my class.
    To learn about it is important for us.
    Thank you for oppotunity to learn about it.

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