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Business Foundation Course

June 18th, 2013

Business Foundation Course at CIE


Our Business Foundation Course is ideal for students wishing to study Business related subjects at University. The course will prepare students in modules including Marketing, Finance and Accounting, People and Operations Management.

Why CIE?

  • Study in Small, Focused Groups

Your skills will improve quickly in our small classes and your individual learning needs

will be met.

  •  University advice and support

You will receive advice about which course to study, which University to attend and

how to complete your UCAS application form to gain entry to a University in the UK.

  • Excellent Pass rates

2009 – 100% Pass rate (All with Merits)

2010 – 90% Pass rate (60% with Merits)

2011 – No students on the course

2012 – 100% Pass rate (50% with Merits, 25% with a Distinction)

  • Study in the City Centre

CIE’s Bocardo House is in the centre of Oxford, opposite the world-famous Oxford



Our students have gone on to a variety of Universities including:

Oxford Brookes University

Surrey University

Glasgow University


Sheffield University


The starting dates for the course are October or January and at the end of the course students will be presented with a Foundation Course certificate and all work will be moderated by Oxford Brookes University.


Here are some evaluations from ex-students on the course:


Business Foundation Course Evaluations

Essa (Lebanon)

My business foundation course in the College of International Education was a experience that I will have for the rest of my life. I enjoyed the fact that we where such a small class, I never experienced this throughout my school years. This factor brought a very comfortable environment which taught me to share my ideas and give input and it also taught me about how important paying attention was. I met many beautiful people from all over the world whom I am going to miss. The staff in CIE contributed a lot to the comfortable/homey environment because of the family like structure which all students joined. I learned many practical skills throughout my course that I will keep with me on my road to success, such as the importance of being early in all aspects. Mr. John contributes a lot to the course with his open mindedness and conversation that seemed to keep us entertained. The business foundation course at CIE really helped shape how I am going to tackle my academic goals. Thank you for a beautiful experience.


Yi (China)

I studied business foundation at College of International School (CIE) from September to August, 2012. This course included four modules: Marketing; Finance and Accounting; External Influences, Objectives and Strategy; People and Operations Management. In the Marketing module, lots of business concepts were brought in such as The Marketing Mix, Ansoff’s matrix, and Portfolio analysis, etc. These concepts gave us general ideas about what should consider if we are making a business plan.

In the next module, we were requested to understand business accounts and figure out breakeven. In order to better comprehend this aspect, our school’s recent years accounts were provided to study as a case.

In the third module, we need to develop ability for considering the big environment before investigation, which regards as the External Influence. For example, present policies, economic status are the first two aspects are demanded to think about.

Lastly, we learned how to be a good leader. Different types of leadership were introduced and we analysed how they influence employees. Furthermore, we did a project about world’s famous firms, trying to find out the relation between the high-motivated employees and companies’ success.

Overall, business foundation course helped me to establish the basic knowledge of business and which, I believe, will largely benefit my further business education in university.


Kyoko (Japan)

I had studied the Business foundation course at College of International Education Oxford from January 2012 to June 2012. I was very satisfied with the course in particular the teaching style. The class consists of four students and a teacher and divided into the lecture class and self-study class. The teacher gave us enough materials to complete the intensive course works which are designed to pass the foundation course at Oxford Brookes University.

This course gave me two particular skills; academic writing and thinking. Taking the academic writing first, when I started studying this course, my IELTS writing score was 5.5 in general training. I had ordinal education in Japan including English class. However, I have never written academic English before. The teacher, principal John Hudson taught the academic writing skills individually and thanks to this, I was able to gain the skills.

Regarding thinking, we were taught the philosophy such as golden rules and motivation theory. Principal John Hudson also taught us the way of thinking. For example, he keeps saying that “ You have an infinite possibility because this world is interconnected and there are tremendous possibilities. Therefore you should not think what or why you cannot do. You have to think the way of how, what I can do.” This heavy philosophical knowledge gave me tremendous shock because I used to think that I cannot do this because I have never done it before. Thanks to the thinking, I have changed the way of thinking along with CIE led me to do Master degree in the UK. It was surprising because I was not planning to go to a university in the UK. This is because that I came to the UK with Tier 5 Youth and mobility scheme visa in order to gain the working experiences in English environment.

It was frustrating and was not easy to decide to do a degree course. I was also lack of confidence. However, now, I can say that “ I have a level of commitment to do a master degree”. This is thanks to all the staff at CIE. Everybody believed that I was able to be accepted by the first choice university and have a level of commitment.

Lastly, I want to say thank you for everybody. Without CIE and teachers, I will never studied in the UK. Now I have been working for next task; master degree. In order to fulfil my academic passion and dreams.


Ala (Libya)

My name is Alaedeen I am Libyan, I have enrolled the business foundation course at cie oxford. The course is done now, but I will never forget the experience that I had. And the friendly atmosphere that we had in class, made us working as a team which was very helpful to understand things, that I found them hard to study by my self. However I liked the structure of the course, we (me and my class mates) study business in the morning; and then we spend the rest of the evening studying IELTS  preparation. We were asked to write four essays, that has a total of six thousand words. They were about leaderships types, setting up your own business, motivating workers and SWOT analysis. I am very happy and proud to say that the course have opened my eyes on things related to business. Moreover it made me aware of things that I wasn’t aware of, such as risks when you set up your own business. Also it made me discover new things about the famous business people, because when we were asked to write about the types of leaderships; we had to make a research about the people that we are writing about. Overall the course was very good because CIE wanted it to be something amazing by representing the this knowledgeable teacher mr.John Hudson. Who was the core of the nice time that we had. He was the important element that helped us going throw the course, because every time he tries to explain something; he looks like he knows exactly what he saying. Lastly I have also to mention the other helpful element, is the different nationalities that we had in the class; it had a positive effect on us because of the different ideas that we had. It made us thinking together how to work out things, but with different minds .We were doing everything together as a team ,despite the fact that we had  different subjects to write about.


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