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Postcards by students

April 16th, 2019

Postcards written by students

Last week we taught a lovely group of 12-13 year old students from Schwabach, Germany. Their English level was pre-intermediate. Our teachers found a fun way to improve their writing skills. They wrote postcards! Read the results here:



” Dear mum,

you asked me to write a postcard to you from Dubai. And of course we went to other countries like Iceland, USA, Canada, Hawaii, Argentina and more! But I can’t tell you all because I’m at the airport and the plane leaves in 15 minutes. In Dubai I went to Burj Khalifa, in Iceland I visited the geysers and volcanoes. In Canada I rode a husky sleigh, in the USA I visited the Grand Canyon and the Niagra Falls, in Hawaii we only went swimming. Sorry, I have to go to fly with plane. I wish you were here. Lukas”




“Dear mum and dad, Student writing exercise

I want to tell you something about Greece, where it is very interesting. I visited old historical sights, which were great. The weather here is sunny, the food here is yummy. Also, I swam in the sea. On the beach I played beach volleyball. I miss you. I wish you were here. Alina”




“Dear Andreas,

Today I’m in France. I flew with the plane to the French airport and then I drove by taxi to a 5 star hotel. My hotel is so nice. It has two pools, one inside and one outside pool. Yesterday I saw two sights, the Louvre and the l’Arc de Triomphe. Today I’m going shopping to buy t-shirts and hoodies and something else. Tomorrow I will go to the Eiffel Tower and then to the best restaurant. I’m coming home in one week and maybe I will have a present for you. I wish you were here, Lukas”




Student writing exercise“Dear grandma,

I think you want to know something about my trip. Today I am in Denmark, sitting on the beach. Yesterday I arrived here by train. It was exciting to drive under the North Sea. Today I was in the activity centre, where there are two kinds of free-fall towers. One like we know in Germany and the other is really like the name: free fall! That was pretty cool! My next stage of my trip is Iceland. I’ll write from there too. Hope you enjoy. Bye. Wish you were here. Aron”




“Dear Maxi,

How are you? I’m fine. Have you ever been to Australia? I’m here at the moment on the beach in Sydney. My hotel is the Opera House! I’m very excited about the F1 race in Melbourne. In a week we fly to Panama and then go to Canada. In Panama we’ll watch the fish and the culture. In Canada we’ll go camping and see the nature. I wish you were here, love, Tom”


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