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Advice about correcting your writing in English

April 28th, 2015

Students studying English give some advice on how to correct your writing and how you can learn from this:


What type of mistakes are there?

There are some mistake about words like Missing words (MW) ,Wrong words(WW) ,Extra words (EW) ,Words order(WO) and the most important Spelling .The meaning of those mistake are :Forget to write some words ,use the same mean words but wasn’t fit for this sentence ,write more useless words and the order is wrong.

The type of mistake also have Grammar, Punctuation ,Tense and Paragraphing. These mistakes maybe are more important than the mistake about the words. We need to focus more on our mistake in an article.

Cathy, China


What we can do if we can not find the mistake?

To solve the question that we can not find our mistakes, we may have four solutions. Initially, the easiest method is asking teacher for help. Secondly, we can ask the top student in our class to help us find them. In addition, we can suef the internet to ask help, for instance, CIE and blogs. Finally, we can use some machines, such as, electronic dictionary, paper dictionary, translator and so on.

Wen Yibo, China


Why should you correct the mistake ?

Because if I didn’t correct my mistake maybe nobody can read it or maybe it’s changing the mineing and my mistake will be different word.

And correcting the mistake make your spelling good because you will learn the spelling for the word next time when you remember your mistake.

Jassim, Qatar


Is it better to ask your teacher or a peer for help with correction?

Sometimes, you might have some problems with words, meaning or spelling and you want to learn to correct the answer.

You have two options, you can talk with your friends or you can ask your teachers, your friends will help you, but don’t forget; maybe they are wrong too, so I think you have to talk with your teacher it is the best way to learn correct answers.

Oguz, Turkey



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