Celebrating 40 years of international education …

Language school celebrates 40 years of English education

College of International Education celebrates 40 years of English education

This year CIE proudly celebrates 40 years of outstanding achievement. Founded in 1974 by the owner, Mr Kenichi Ikeno, to promote English Language courses in an academic context, CIE has built an excellent reputation for the quality of its courses, the success of its students and the friendly and supportive atmosphere at the school.

The fact that we enter our 40th year with great confidence is partly the result of our low staff turnover. Luke and John, our Co-Principals, have been at CIE since 2007 and those of you who have worked with CIE over the past six years will be familiar with our staff. Amy (Activities and Student Welfare), Hisashi (Finance),  Irma (Director of studies), Max (Accommodation)  and Olivia (Marketing) have provided the element of continuity which in turn has helped them to create the wonderful atmosphere at the school. We were very happy to learn that the Independent Schools Inspectorate described the quality of the curriculum, teaching and learning achievement as “exceeds expectations”.

Read more about CIE’s 40th Anniversary.




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Cultural and Language Programme at CIE

Students from Chuo High School are studying a cultural and language programme at CIE. Topics include: Philosphophy, Architecture, Science, History, Politics, Education and many more. In the afternoons they research for a project which they will have to present at the end of the course.

Here is what one of the teachers wrote about her experience with them:

Chuo students are a joy to teach. They are enthusiastic and determined to participate in all aspects of their learning experience as provided in Oxford colleges by teachers at CIE. They quickly pick up the idea that interaction in the classroom is essential for gaining confidence and improving their speaking skills. Their activities include role plays, interviews with their host families about British culture, mini presentations, discussions on a variety of topics, and group work to present their ideas in the form of colourful posters. The students are also teaching us about Japanese culture which makes for a pleasant exchange of information. We work hard and have fun. Students can be heard to laugh and also sing during lessons! As long as they speak in English that’s great :-)

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My favourite place in Oxford

My favourite place in Oxford by Adel, Libya

My favourite place in Oxford is CIE. It is in the city centre of Oxford .and it is on St. Michael St. It is next an antique shop.

It is a small college .There is reception down stairs and up stairs there are six classes and a kitchen. There are different students from Spain, Italy, Libya.

Students come here to learn English. I like my school because there are good teachers and it is very quite.

language student outside language school

Adel outside CIE

My favourite place in Oxford by Moawia, Libya

My favourite place in Oxford the Ashmolean Museum. The museum is in front of Randolph Hotel on Beaumont Street.

The museum is big, beautiful and quiet .There are three floors and on the floor there is a special café.

All people can enter the museum for free. People go to museum to see old pictures, old clothes.

I like the museum because I can learn a lot about history.

language school student outside Ashmolean museum

Moawia outside the Ashmolean museum

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Mini sagas by our Japanese students

Japanese students had a go at writing a mini saga in their English lessons. The story had to be 50 words! Here is what they came up with:

Japanese students wrote some mini-sagas ...

Japanese students wrote some mini-sagas …

The shocking by Erica

When I was a child I went to NY. Our room was connected to uncle’s family room. I went to that room and I touch the light and unfortunately that light was broken and I had electric shock. Luckily, I did not die but I had to stay in hospital one night.

Food is important by Akane

I’d never loved a girl, because my appearance wasn’t so good. One day a girl asked to go on a date. I wasn’t answering for a minute but then I decided to go. We had been dating for a month. Unfortunately, we broke up due to different tastes in food.

Too much laugh  by Yuki

When I was a child  my father always made me laugh. One day, I couldn’t breathe when he made me laugh and I had to go  to hospital. My doctor said to my mother not to make me laugh because I had asthma. And after that I had to be hospitalized.

Unexpected weather by Ash

I looked at the sky. It was going to  rain tomorrow because the sky was covered with cloud. Certainly, it’s getting cold and rain. Two hours later it was stopped and I relief at that time. But unfortunately the climate was immediately changed. Unbelievable! I was surprised at that it started snowing. Unthinkingly extraordinary weather.

Have a go at this yourselves!

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English students’ experiences in Oxford

English language students

English language students

Ismat’s experience in Oxford

Life in Oxford has been funny. I Study 5 hours a day in CIE. I have different classmates. I am learning English in CIE. I live in Kennington in a homestay, it is a very comfortable. I like Oxford city centre, it’s beautiful. Last summer I was in Oxford studying English, all day we went to lessons, after we did some activities like cream tea, punting and cooking cookies. I love Oxford’s summer!

Bodleian Library Oxford

My favourite spot in Oxford is the Bodleian Library. I visited it last summer. It is very beautiful!

Pedro’s experience in Oxford

Imagine a pretty city with a student atmosphere, now add to it English and not too big and not too small. So this description fits with Oxford, one of the best cities to learn English around the world.

Now I am going to talk about my experience in Oxford, from my first day up to the present. The truth is that I have learnt a lot in two months here. I remember my first day in Oxford perfectly, so I can say that it was a Friday but it was late whence I went to sleep after I had my dinner. The next two days were dedicated to getting to know Oxford. First of all, I went to city centre, because I needed to shop some things, as I forgot things when I packed my baggage.

Christchurch Meadow, Oxford

My favourite spot in Oxford is called ChristChurch meadow and it is situated in front of the college, which has the same name. I usually go to walk or run because it is a very beautiful place and it’s close.

Hanke’s experience

Life in Oxford has been interesting. My name is Hanke, now I’m studying in Oxford, I study language such as reading, writing, listening and speaking. I think it’s very useful and important.

I like lots of activities in Oxford I like playing basketball, skating and watching films.

In Oxford I have many friends. They come from different countries. They are kind and friendly, we always chat with each other. I like them very much.

Oxford city centre is very large and has lots of shops and colleges. There are many students staying here. If you want to travel you can go by bus to London or Bicester. I love Oxford very much.

Atsumi’s experience in Oxford

I have studied nearly 6 months at CIE. When I started studying English here I only understood little grammar, reading and writing. I couldn’t understand what teachers and other student said to me and also I didn’t speak at all. However my English skill has been improving little by little.

Now, I understand in my class what teachers and classmates say. Even if I can’t understand something my classmates help me. CIE has a lot of wonderful teachers and staff. I have learnt many things from them.

Normally we are a small school but in the summer we have many students who come from all over the world so if you want to make friends I recommend that you come here in the summer.

I think studying abroad changes my life. I have learnt lots of things and expanded my possibilities. Before I came here I was so nervous if I come or not, but I have really enjoyed my life in Oxford so if I have an opportunity again, I will absolutely come here once more.

My favourite spot in Oxford is called the OxfordCanal which you can see in the middle of the city centre and outside of Oxford.

I punted this canal, there are ducks, swans and also there are many trees along the bank. This place makes me relax so I like it a lot.

Punting on the river in Oxford

My favourite spot in Oxford is called the OxfordCanal which you can see in the middle of the city centre and outside of Oxford.
I punted this canal, there are ducks, swans and also there are many trees along the bank. This place makes me relax so I like it a lot.

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Charity Course at CIE Oxford

Students on the charity course talk about their experiences:

Students on the charity course

Students on the charity course

What did you do?

“First we studied about charity and we chose one charity and we teach to classmates. We decided one charity – WWF. After we chose WWF we start think about what we are going to do for event and we decided to sell some stuff and play some games. The event day we collected £100 and I think we did very good. All this money goes to WWF which help endangered animals in the world.”


Students made things to sell at their charity shop including recipe books, bracelets, cards, cakes, biscuits

Students made things to sell at their charity shop including recipe books, cards, cakes, bracelets …

“First week I learnt what is the problem in the world. Second week, I learnt and researched about many charities in Britain. Third week, we could hold a charity event. This course let me know what is important for me.”

Bracelets for sale to raise money for WWF

Bracelets for sale to raise money for WWF






What did you like about the course?

“I was interested that we can choose the charity organisation and we did presentations to each other.”

“The best and most interesting thing is charity event. We held a bingo event and some other games. We gave lessons how to make [origami] cranes and turtles. That’s very interesting. It’s great experience.”

Origami lessons

Origami lessons to help raise money for WWF

What was challenging about the course?

“Teaching [about the different charities] is difficult for me. I’ve never done it. However, it is nice to do it in English and I could study charities deeply.”

How have you changed since doing the course?

“I think my thoughts are expanded by thinking of these kinds of problems.”

“If I go to supermarket, I will choose vegetable or fruit which is fairtrade that helps the person who are growing the plants.”

“At first, I didn’t care charity shops. But now I want to go to charity shops as much as I can. This is a big change for me. I knew sending money for people in developing countries is important. I didn’t know how to help them except this idea. But now I know so I want to help them more.”

Charity event to raise money for WWF

Charity event to raise money for WWF

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Experiences of learning English in Oxford

An Italian student’s experience of learning English at the College of International Education, Oxford

Relation: the school in Oxford

College of International Education building in the centre of Oxford

The College of International Education in the centre of Oxford

I’m going to deal with the English school in Oxford.

Our school was called Cie, College of International Education and it was in the centre of Oxford , opposite the world-famous Oxford Union.

I may divide my relation in three parts: the first part is about the CIE’s rooms, the second part is about the CIE’s teachers and their lessons and the last part deals with the timetable.

The first part: CIE’s rooms

The school had two floors: the ground floor was reserved for Hisashi Chida, the CIE’s finance manager and his team instead the first floor was for students. The first floor had five classrooms, one bathroom, a common room and a little kitchen. the first day we arrived the teachers divided our group in two classes so we principally used only two classrooms.

Group of Italian students in their English lessons

Group of Italian students in their English lessons

The kitchen was very important for the students in general because in our break-time we could prepare and drink a cup of tea or a coffee or some water. For the Italian students, especially for our group, the kitchen was fundamental. The food in England was not very good so the kitchen sometimes became a place where we could prepare special Italian sandwiches with Italian prosciutto and sometimes mozzarella, both bought in Tesco supermarket in Oxford city centre.

Italian food in England!
Italian food in England!

There were three computers with internet connection available for student use in the common room. There was free wifi available, too. We often used these computers in our break time to go on facebook and so to know a lot of news from Italy in general and from our Italian school. But the common room sometimes became a place where we did many games with our teachers, games like mafia or telephone wire. the teachers also organized a little “party” in which all CIE’s students played many games. After this party the teachers gave us a certificate of completion. Then, in the afternoon, we did a presentation of a general topic to improve our speaking abilities for the exam. It was the last day at CIE school.

The first song we heard was one of those we studied at school.

Second Part: The teachers and their lessons.

Our teachers were Amy, George, Cassandra and John.

This was Amy

Amy, English Language Teacher

Amy, English Language Teacher

Amy was a native language English teacher and was also the CIE’s social activities organizer. She booked weekend excursions and day-trips with UK Study Tours. She had two distinguishing marks: she liked repeating “okee-dokee or sooo” and when she heard a little song for only one time, she immediately learned it and repeated it for many times.

This was George

George, English Language Teacher

George, English Language Teacher

He was a native language English teacher, too. He also had a distinguishing mark: He sometimes made strange noises similar to those of the squirrel.

This was Cassandra

Cassandra, English Language Teacher

Cassandra, English Language Teacher

She was a Spanish teacher. She was very strict. She had a distinguishing mark: when she saw you did not speak in English, she immediately said screaming: “In English!”

This was John

Jon, English Language Teacher

Jon, English Language Teacher

He was a Spanish teacher, too. He was a really funny teacher. He was a special teacher because with him we visited many places in Oxford. His distinguishing mark was his hairless.

Amy and George were the teachers of both groups in the morning while Cassandra and John had only one class. Cassandra had mine and Monica’s class, instead John had Gerardo, Giuseppe and Raffaella’s class.

English classes in Oxford

English classes in Oxford

English lessons in Oxford

English lessons in Oxford

The English lessons were very different from Italian lessons. We did not study the “boring” English literature but we did some exercises to improve our speaking, listening, writing and reading abilities. We also learned many things having fun. In fact, The teachers made up some games so that we could remember a lot of things. We saw one film and listened to many songs. The film we saw was called: “UP”. We learned many things using concept maps, too. Before leaving the school, the teachers suggested three methods to remember what we learned and continue to improve our English-abilities:

-         listening to English songs

-         watching TV in English with English subtitles

-         talking with English tourists.

We were very interested in the last one.

The timetable

Another main difference between the English and the Italian school was the timetable. This scheme shows you the main differences about the timetable between English school and Italian school.


Amalfi Oxford
I 8:00-9:00 9:00-10:00
Break No 15’
II 9:00-10:00 10:15-11:15
Break No 15’
III 10:00-11:00 11:30-12:30
Lunch No 12:30-13:30
IV 11:00-12:00 13:30-14:30
V 12:00-13:00 No
VI 13:00-14:00 No


From my point of view, this experience was fantastic because

1)      we learned many things being in strict contact with English people,

2)     we knew many people: boys and girls,

3)     we had a lot of fun.

Then I will always remember one thing, maybe the most important I learned: “All the world was there: black, white, red and yellow”.

Francesco D’Amato, Liceo E.Marini

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Private Business English Lessons

Italian student studying in her private Business English lesson

Francesca talks about her experiences learning Business English at the College of International Education, Oxford

The first contact I had with CIE was by email. I enquired about private lessons and I received all the information in a very short time.

The first impressions I had of it were confirmed when I had my lessons.

CIE is a friendly, small college. The atmosphere is relaxing and everyone is cheerful and helpful. I feel at ease.

The lessons are interesting and George, the teacher, is encouraging.

I will recommend to everyone who wants to study English in Oxford.

Francesca, Italy


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Interactive English speaking lessons

Students studying English at CIE Oxford tell us how to cook typical dishes from their country. Click on the links below to watch their videos …

Alberto from Italy


Kobe from China



Giovanni from Italy



Geoffrey from China



Fernando from Spain


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Experiences of English lesssons

The elementary class wrote about their experiences at CIE:

In this school I spend my time to study English. The teachers are very friendly, I love the big park with a lot of trees and flowers. This school is small and I like it! In the afternoon I have lesson but I like because is very nice, in this lessons speak about the places in London and do a lot of games.

Sofia (Russia)


CIE perfect school, the staff very friendly I like all lessons, the teacher made. Tests every week, this is good for me. I like the new place, quiet, beautiful in CIE. I have new friends.

Magdah (Libya)


I like small school because I can meet my friends. I like activities because I can visit good places and play with my friends. I like big school because it has big park, we play football in park. I can have new friends in school.

Abdul (Saudi Arabia)


I study English at CIE for a month. CIE has a lot of good kind and caring teachers. There are many students who come from all over the world. You can find new friends. In Oxford, there are a lot of colleges, pubs, shops and restaurants. We have a good experience at CIE.

Atsumi (Japan)


I love CIE because it’s good course, I have fun in my activities.

Ranad (Saudi Arabia)

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